2 simple questions

is it legal to open a ramp in my home base during the autonomous period ?

is it legal to lift my robot by using pistons ?

I couldn’t find the answers in the manual…

Yes to both, but you’ll have to determine for yourself if either of these actons make sense. Of course, once you open the ramp, you’ll mostly have to stay in your home zone unless you can fold it up again. Ramps like that are illegal outside the home zone. And, of course, using a piston to lift your robot won’t get you any bonus points for your robot.

  1. Use the search feature! its really useful.

2.I believe you can deploy them at anytime during the match within the home zone, however, they can’t be detached.

  1. The pneumatic pistons would be considered part of the robot and therefor would not benefit you, as they are still the lowest part of the robot.


In the first question i meant to open the ramp in the home base a leave it there, i undersand it is ilegal.

The rule that you want to read carefully for the answer to your question is <G40>.