2 Speed and Mecanum 'Trane

It just occurred to me that I’ve never seen one in FIRST. Can anyone think of a team that’s done this? Thanks.

Don’t think its ever been done.

Only way you could do it very well would be with dewalts i think. You need an individual gearbox for each wheel which eliminates most shifters.

What would be the benefits of a shifting design on mecanums? Not like your going to get a tremendous amount of pushing power out of them anyways. High or low gear.

We did a prototype of it over the summer to see how it would work. We ended up changing it around and modifying it but I dont have any pics of that.


Team 40 did it in 2006, with DeWalt Transmissions. There really aren’t any good pictures of the robot, but the shifters were effective.

Thanks for the help. I not planning on doing anything like this (I’m not near a team), but it just seemed to me like somebody in FIRST had probably tried this by now. It just seemed like something that had to happen at least once. : )