2 Stage Elevator Endgame Climb

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We were considering different ways to climb, and were wondering if a 2 stage elevator could sustain a robot climb. Can a well-built inner stage handle pulling up 150lbs, and if so, what are some other potential issues we should take into account?

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This was the standard approach in 2018.

I’d suggest only using a single moving stage though, should be plenty of travel.


Thanks for the quick response! We would like to use a single stage… but we are planning on going under the trench… which is why the whole second stage fiasco came up.

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You’re going to want to look at the math on that. Assuming a really unlikely best case, you’d get 2’ extension from each stage, which would put you in the neighborhood of 6’, which is short of the highest point, which you might end up needing to reach if you want to level the switch.

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