2 Video's of Team 1727 Almost done!


At the main page is a time lapse video, you’ll see us and our robot!

Btw, look at the video section for some cool video of our robots, fundraisers and Jon Grube’s award winning Video (we gave the award :-P) It really is an amazing video though, worth your while!

feel free to ask any question or any concerns for that matter too!

here is a test video (sorry it’s not well done) from the beginning of week 4. There have been a few modifications since, but you get the idea!


your’e almost done? gj, what is it ment to do?

The robot is meant to hurdle. In the second video there is no arm, but on our website there is the arm. Week 4 we were still working on it. Unfortunately, there is no video with the and it functioning yet. It takes a while to encode it from our camera (1080p) so there is no hurdling video yet, just a functioning drivetrain. The first link has a better representation of the robot in it’s current state… Plus the pace we work at! Lol