20 minute Chairman's interviews?

We received an e-mail today regarding our Chairman’s Award interview at the Championship. It talked about signing up for a 20-minute block for our interview.

My kids are kinda freaking out given that our regional presentation was supposed to be considerably shorter. It’s been awhile since we’ve done this at the Championship and I was distracted by robots at the time, so I’m not sure how things went the last time around.

Can anyone who’s done this recently tell me more about what the expectations are for the Championship interview process? My kids are curious if they have to revamp their presentation or if some part of that time will be set aside for questions and answers.

I’m sure they can fill the time – they can probably go on for hours – but they’re the sort that want to be prepared for everything. A bit of insight will go a long way toward calming them down a bit. :slight_smile:

We received the same email and assumed it was just a typo which should have said 10 minutes.

I would think that there are 20 minute blocks consisting of the usual 5 minutes of presentation, 5 minutes of questions and then the judges have 10 minutes to discuss and prepare for the next group. This is based on what I remember from when I presented in 2009, and what I can remember hearing from our presenters last year, but would make sense as it would be basically impossible to interview teams at 10 minute intervals with no time in between.

We emailed FIRST, and here’s their response:

Thank you for your email. Interviews are limited to ten (10) minutes with not more than three (3) team members (student or adult mentors). The team selects these representatives. During the first five (5) minutes of the interview, the team members give a presentation to the judges, and the judges will use the second five (5) minutes for their questions and answers.

All is well.