20 Pt Endgame Club

I don’t think there is a club for the 20 pt endgame (robot scaling then shooting into the high goal for 20 pts). It will be super rare to see teams accomplish this.

I’ll start off with:

610 demonstrated this in their “hangshot” at GTER.

330 nearly demonstrated it here. Apparently they performed it without falling over during a separate match, but it wasn’t recorded.

Any other teams that do this? I’m going to guess a VERY FEW number of teams have managed this already… as the season goes by we may see more though…

Hopefully 3506 will have this down by the State Championships. We never had an alliance that could down the tower without us so we focused on all low goals and then scaling at the last event which means we never had a ball at the end.

330 preformed a successful (ball scored, and points awarded for scaling) “slam dunk” the first time they scaled at the Ventura Regional. (Quals 53, IIRC)
If anybody has a good video of it, a link would be appreciated.

When we install our scaling mechanism this will be pretty easy the way our shooter works. But, we won’t ever be able to use it at a real competition.

Video of Ventura qualification match 53: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtu44-6q7ak
The climb begins at around 2:10

This is definitely an interesting club to watch out for…

Pwnage (FRC2451) and demonstrated this ability in their reveal video.

We are really close to this. Our intake is right under the high goal, pointed up after a climb. All it would take would be a flip out piece of lexan under the ball, but we’ve run out of weight. Ah well, maybe for the off season :slight_smile:

2451 PWNAGE officially executed a 20pt endgame move during qualifying match 26.

And then a couple more times, including back to back matches in the finals.

Video of it here during SF 1-1 at the Midwest Regional.

Team 1768 just pulled off a slam dunk in the last two final matches at Boston, setting a new high score of 179 for the event! Video to come soon…

330 also had a nearly successful slam dunk in finals 2 at Ventura. I’ll upload some video that my friend took later if I can.

What do you mean “Nearly”?
To me, the dunk looked completely successful :rolleyes:
As for the scale part of it… :eek:

To clarify, I meant that the hang-shoot combo (which I called a slam dunk) was not successful, not the shot alone. Sorry if that was unclear.

With a 72% success on scale (13/18 succ/att) this weekend on their way to the event win at NC Campbell District, Team 1533 has a concept for the Slam Dunk, so they’ll be joining this list soon!

Nice execution to all you others who’ve made this. :yikes:

You can see 1768 hit our hang shot at 2:42 in this video of Boston finals 2-2:

And again in finals 2-3 at 2:29:

Did you a shoot a ball once you hung?

Yup… so you guys did 15 points, and could’ve done more!

Hope to see your hangshot at champs!

we will see if we can…maybe