20 second search interval

Over the past few weeks, everything has been such a rush that I have hit the “you can only do a search every 20 seconds” limit like at least three times a day. I just work that fast. But even ever since the new VB came I was hitting this limit. Sometimes I search for the worng thing and go back to do it again, or find nothing and go back to do again, etc. Also, the new post feature uses the same server functions as the search feature so that makes me hit the limit even more.

Can we reduce this limit to something more like 8 seconds? I hit the current limit so often it is getting really annoying.


I second that!!!

All in favor, say I!

Eye! :wink:

sanddrag, when you get that message, step back and take 3 deep breaths. Not only does it use time, but it releives stress too.

I seem to get that message only once every few days. I don’t get it when a search I do returns no results, and I immediately search again.

The only reason that limit exists, is to keep stress off the server.

If the limit was lowered, or removed, the server would have a hard time searching the millions of words and possibly slow down the site overall. I’ll research how much of an impact it would be to reduce it to 10 seconds…