20 something mentors!

I love to talk about FIRST, but most of my friends are sick of hearing about it. And as much as I love the kids on my team, I interested in talking to other adults my age about their experiences!

AIM / YM: rachakate

Hey, now… when did this turn into a match-making site? :wink:

Anyone thinking about FIRST classifides all over…?

Do you mean “…for how excellent they are…”?

Hmm … there have been quite a few (too many?) threads over the last two or three years dealing with this…

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When I saw the title of this thread I thought that is was a discussion about a team with somewhere around 20 mentors.

Apparently that is not the case :smiley:



“…what is love? Oh baby, don’t hurt me…”

We have a team like that. It’s actually closer to thirty.

This isn’t necessarily a matchmaking thread. It’s only what you make of it.

Getting back to the original topic of this thread… I’ve been a college mentor for the past 3 seasons, and I’m in my [very] early 20’s.

So, that would make you the guy on the left, in the photo? :wink:

Actually, in that picture, Bill dressed up as Howard Dean, and Dean dressed up as Bill.

Crazy, huh?


please no offense… but not that song… that song and that movie (Night at the Roxbury) brought me to say that “Movies Should be Outlawed”!!! yes… at the time i meant it too… i also said “I hate movies, they make me think” … kinda sad eh!?! =P (btw those quotes should be a top spotlight =P