20 Years of Team 20 Robots video

I created this when I dug up some old pictures of our past robots and managed to find pictures of all 20 years worth of robots that Team 20 has created. Its amazing to think that some of these robots were created before many of us were born!

Happy 20th Birthday FIRST!

Wow, looks great! Well done and good idea for a video.

Impressive. Didn’t know some of the robots at the field are that old!

Thanks for sharing! Great video…
It is cool to see the evolution of FIRST robot technology over the past twenty years. Seeing “my” HS robots at the middle of the video is making me feel old…


My son Blaise made the video.

Old is just wise spelled differently. Sweet video!

It’s not done yet! After this season you should add the 2011 robot to finish out your 20 years of compitition.

…Wow, 20 years, thats Amazing. Heres to many more successful seasons!

Sincerely, Bryan Culver