20 Years - teams and mentors

Hi All
Team 60 is celebrating our 20 year anniversary this year, and I know there are other Teams and mentors (besides me) at the 20 year mark

Please post so we can celebrate together

Have Fun!



They all must be sleeping now! I’ve been mentoring for 10 years now, so I’m slowly working on it.

Nice to hear from you George. I remember when I first met you at the Arizona Regional team social at the science center in 2004. Man that seems like ages ago now. This is our 17th year, haven’t quite made it to 20 yet.

My team has been around since first had started. We have two mentors on the team over twenty years. Our shop supervisor Jeff Huspen who has been on the tam since 1993 and our CAD mentor Carl Lewis who has been on the team since 1992.

Team 48 is also 20 years old this year. I’m a 20 and 17 guy, but 48 still has a 20/20 mentor…also named George. :slight_smile:

Team 135 is 20 years old!

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Team 145 is 20 as well.

I have been around since “Aim High” in 2006. My daughter went through the program from 2012-2015 and is now a Sophomore at RPI and my son is in his second year of FIRST this year.

Incredibly rewarding!!!

Team 2386’s lead mentor, Chris Arnold, is celebrating his 20th year in FRC this season.

Congrats! I remembered competing with you guys at the very first SVR back in 99. Your robot back then would still look like it fit in well today!

Team 125 is now 20 years old too!

The team I was on in high school (#281) turns 20 this year! The team started in 1997 and cycled through a few team numbers as we changed schools and sponsors, but we ended up as 281 starting in 1999.

My dad was one of the founding mentors, and he’s still involved today! I was a student on the team from 2007-2010 (high school), but I’ve been attending competitions my whole life. Some of my favorite memories are the trips to Disney World for nationals, and hearing about the secret passageways in Dean Kamen’s house when my dad would go to the Founder’s Reception. My mom has a picture of 5-year-old me disassembling our 1997 robot in our driveway (although current me wishes I hadn’t done that).

If you count every reincarnation of Fairport Robotics (my high school team) they’d be 20 this year. Team 36 Kod-Red began in 1997. Then Team 52 Kod-Red, then 277 Fairport Intelligence Agency, then Team 578 Blue Lightning, currently Team 578 Red Raider Robotics.

I started with team 34 in 1996 (21 years ago). I moved to team 3959 about 4 years ago.

WildStang started in 1996 before permanent team numbers, before high current controllers and way before alliances. My wife Dottie, Dan Green and I are still around from that year.

Team 79 is celebrating its 20th year as well.

Team 195, the CyberKnights from Southington, Connecticut, is 20 years old.

I was one of the original mentors with Joe Cipollini (who passed away last April) and did not expect that one small yes would lead to such an extensive involvement in an activity that contains three of my favorite things:

  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Sports.

1998 was the year that team numbers became continuous.

I in no way take credit for their current level of success. They have become a powerhouse, a top to bottom exemplar for how to create, sustain, and build a team that fulfills the goals of FIRST.

Hi All
May I suggest that as 20 years (+) teams and mentors we make it a point to get together at Championships?
with 2 championships things should be scaled down a little, (YA, Sure)

I am not sure what day/night would be good, any ideas?

The Team is hoping for Houston this year and I have not traveled there enough to know the area or the venue

Have Fun

Depending on your definition, we could be 21, 20, or 19 years old.
What became 207, 294, and 330 split after our first season in '97 and we received a new number in '99. (causing '99 to be listed as our first year in TBA)
If you mess with our starting year, we won the championship in both our 10th and 20th season.

Lots of 20+ year mentors in New England. I was with 176 20 years before I moved to 2836. Guess in 18 years I will be a 20/20

I was thinking of power coating the robot some wild color for my up coming 20/20 :smiley:
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