2002 California Robot Games

Western Region Robotics Forum proudly announces the 2002 California Robot Games!!!

Happening very soon in less than 3 weeks, the Cal Game is a post season competition for US FIRST teams from the Bay Area and California to get together, bring their robot back from last season or bring a new one they built during the summer, and compete in the Zone Zeal Tournament, as well as 4 skills events relating to the 2002 competition.

Completely run by team volunteers from WRRF, this a very fun family-oriented event. A great opportunity to introduce new team members, and new mentors to the fun and excitement of this competition.

Date: Saturday, September 28th, 2002

Time: 7:00am ~ 4:30pm

Location: Pioneer High School Main Gym, @ 1290 Blossom Hill Rd., San Jose, CA 95118.

Events: 2002 FIRST Robotics Zone Zeal, + 4 side event: Driver Obstacle Course, Robot Truck Pull, Human Player Shootout, and Robot Scoring Competition.

Cost: 300 per robot, FREE for spectators

For those of you who haven’t registered, now is your chance. Go to the WRRF website @ http://www.wrrf.org/games/Register and enter your team’s information.

The max. of teams to enter the competition is 24, and 17 of those spots are filled with teams from all over the Bay Area. Team 114, 115, 192, 254, 258, 376, 480, 481, 581, 668, 814, 840, 846, 852, 971, and AI Robotics Club from Milpitas High School who just started a team this year and worked really hard building a new robot during summer.

If you live in the Area, or happen to pass by Bay Area the weekend of 28th, you are welcome to come to the Cal Game and watch the competition, and meet the teams and major FIRST participates from around here. We promise this will be the best Cal Game since it started at 2000!

For additional information or question e-mail [email protected]

OOOHHHhhh! I’m homesick now. I was born and raised in Mtn. View just north of there.

Anyone who can, Please go for me!

I really wish i lived on the left coast:(, o well i will be out there for amy’s graduation in the next 4 years:) (hi amy ross:))

Good luck to all the competitors!


hey miss tree. i’ll be there, i’ll be sure to think of you while i’m devising strategies… :slight_smile:

I’ll be taking pics for those of you who would be interested…

We will be ending registration for the Cal Game very soon, so for those of you who haven’t registered, please do as soon as possible!!!

There are 17 teams registered, and we will end the registration by either:

  1. September 21st, 2002, or
  2. When 20 teams signed up.

Others who won’t be entering a robot for the Cal Game, please stop by on Saturday to check out the competition.

I’ll be there, can’t wait to see everyone there!

Wendy from 22, Joe (and Amy too I think), Sean Roberts and his dad, Eric Stokley from 360, Ashlee from 973… Lots of friends from outside of Bay Area coming to the Cal Game! Very excited about it right now. And very nervous about it too.

This almost feels like a regional competition. 22 robots, we might even get 24 if things work out.

Looks like a great field - 22 teams. The Cal Robot Games should be a blast, with a great Zone Zeal Tournament and some really fun side events.

The teams participating include a National Champion, a National Championship Finalist, a number of National Division Champions and Finalists, have a combined 10 Regional Championships, include well over 10 combined Regional Finalists or Semi Finalists, and a number of teams who have been National Champions or Finalists for the Autodesk Animation award - not to mention many great rookie teams from 2002. There is also a 2003 rookie team entered who didn’t even exist in 2002 and built a robot over the summer. In short, it’s a great collection of newer and veteran teams, and should be a lot of fun.

Attached is the flyer with information about the event if anyone in California wants to attend.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there and kicking off the start of the 2003 season/end of the 2002 season.


2002 wrrf event flyer.pdf (44.3 KB)

2002 wrrf event flyer.pdf (44.3 KB)

Animation award winners? You mean Los Altos High School is going to be there?

If I hadn’t stopped flying commercially I’d sooo be there!

I can’t wait!!! 4 days till I leave for Cal Games!!! I can’t wait to see everyone again!

Well, Cal Games is over. It was definitely the best yet. It was very exciting for everyone, lots of great matchups. Congratulations to the winners, team 254 and 852, you guys did a great job. The final three matches were definitely some of the best i have EVER seen at any competition. Thanks to team 766 form picking us for the finals. We were great together, and we almost held off Bellarmine. For all you people there di you watch the rookie teams? WOW!!! two of the top for were rookies, and most all of them performed phenomenally. Thanks to all the teams and volunteers for making this such a fun event.