2002 NJ Regional Footage/Photos

Hello all,

I am in need of footage or photos (or both) from the 2002 NJ Regional. Do any of you have any (preferrably electronic) media from that Regional? If so, IM me (ExtrudedAluminiu), PM me, or post a reply. You can also reach me via email at me@endeavour.zapto.org. Thanks.

And if you just want to drop off pictures


userid: soapbox
password: soap

Just use a simple ftp client (MSIE works great) and drop away. Thanks again.

Dropped off some pictures for you, with an HTML Gallery format. Most of them are centered around 25, but there are plenty which aren’t.


Is there anything specific you’re looking for? Kres already posted a link to our site with pics, but we also have lots more and probably some video footage lying around somewhere.