2003 and 2002

does anybody know where I could get the scoring info from the 02 and 03 games

specifically…how many soccer balls in 02 and bins in 03?

thanks…and sorry if i could have just searched and it been faster :ahh:

I believe in 2002, there were 60 soccer balls. 20 on each side of the field and 10 for each alliance (20+20+10+10). Goals in a scoring zone were worth 10, robots in their home zone were worth 10 and balls in a goal were worth 1 each.

In 2003 I think there were 29 bins on the ramp and 4 for each human player. A total of 45. Robots on a ramp were 50 pts. Scoring for bins was all the bins in your scoring zone (except the ones counted towards the highest stack) multiplied by your highest stack.

It’s been a while, so some of this information may be incorrect.

For future reference in case anyone needs it (and in more detail)

To clarify/correct some of this…

2002- The balls counted for 1 point each if they were in a goal which was in a scoring zone. They counted toward the alliance color corresponding to the color of the scoring zone.

2003- Robots on top were 25 points, not 50.

Everything else was right.

Nope, 50 was correct.

Edit: I have a bad memory, see below

Sorry…I even looked it up after you attempted to correct me. It was 25 points per robot…a quote from the officital FIRST one page description. “An
additional 25 points is awarded for a robot that is positioned on the top of the ramp platform.”

from http://www2.usfirst.org/2003comp/Preface_single_page_tech_game_desc.pdf

25 pts per robot it is.

thanks guys…that helped a lot (i too thought bots were worth 50 in 03…who knew?)

now for a harder question

does anybody know where I could get game and scoring info about all of FIRST’s games? basically I need:
how to score
points earned by scoring
number of bots on the field

thanks all

(in case you were wondering…i’m doing a statistical look at scoring in the games…it’s kind of interesting)

If you go to the FIRSTwiki, there is currently info on 4 games (1992, 1993, 1997, and 1998). I’m (slowly) working on getting all of them in there, and updating the ones already there.

If people have the info for the other games readily availible, either edit the wiki with it, or post it here and I’ll add it. That would help save my memory, which as you can see from above isn’t always the best.