2003 Game Simulator (Flash)

So I wrote a game simulator in Flash last night. It has drag-drop stacks and robots, and allows fine simulation of stack palcement. Pretty cool.

I didn’t have time (had to get to the strategy meeting, I’m at it now) to make more formats or post it to the web, so its in the whitepapers for now.

I suggest you use the Windows Executable, as it uses more of the screen (full screen).

http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/papers.php?s=&action=single&paperid=134 (480Kb)

If you’re on a non-windows platfrom, there’s a .HTML version. You’ll need the Flash Plug-in, version 6, to see this.

I’m probably going to need to update it after the next Team Update is issued, and if there’s any score-counting bugs, please drop me a line.

Nice :D. I’m thinkin… I’ll stop Flash-ing mine now… :slight_smile:

I downloaded Macomedia Flash Media Player and could not get it to run?

*Originally posted by junkyarddawg *
**I downloaded Macomedia Flash Media Player and could not get it to run? **

Humn… why don’t you try the executable version? It doesn’t need any players, and should work on any 32 bit Windows system. Otherwise, with the HTML version, you have to make sure you keep the files in the same directory, for one thing.

That’s great, Suneet! Last year, a simulator was posted on the FIRST Website. We used it quite extensively to strategize, and it made a great tool to explain the game to those both familiar and unfamiliar to FIRST.
It looks and runs great from here and I can’t thank you enough for providing it so quickly!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

very nice…thank you…i’ll show this to my team

I finished the update. Here’s the changes:

  • Fixed a small robot-tracking bug, and changed the scoring equation to the Team-Update 1 version.

*Includes the ability to lock the identity of the multiplier stack, so it doesn’t display undesired jumps.

*Reports the total number of boxes each color has (not just the ground / stack breakdown.)

*Includes a new “Simple Scoring” mode.

  • Also made the RoboDox colors more tolerable

We tested it during the meet yesterday, and it was quite useful in comparing strategies and scoring scenarios.

Windows EXE: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/papers.php?s=&action=single&paperid=146 (483KB)

Flash HTML: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/papers.php?s=&action=single&paperid=147

Macintosh HQX: http://www.csun.edu/~robodox/scoring/Scoring2003%20for%20Macs.hqx (1.46 MB)

It’s also usable online, here: http://www.csun.edu/~robodox/scoring

Any suggestions, bug reports, etc. are welcome.

A screenshot is attached.



Nice Work Suneet, this will really make my job a lot easier :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by Suneet *
Any suggestions, bug reports, etc. are welcome.

A few minor ones:

When I drag an object onto another, it doesn’t drop when I let go of it if it went behind the target object.

In light of yesterday’s update, I think the multiplier up/down arrows are unneeded.

If a robot is touching one of its stacks, the score for that stack is not deducted.

On your help page 2, you misspelled multiplier and intuitive.

Also on page 2, you say to drag the bins into the yellow strips. That confused me at first since the strips look green. It would make more sense if you said to drag them into the gray areas. (Or did you change the yellow to gray, and forgot to change the help?)

And still on page 2: Your note says “Note the two different Field Reset Buttons” shouldn’t that be three reset buttons? Or are you not thinking of “Setup for Simple Scoring” as a field reset button.

Thanks Greg :slight_smile: ,

well, I can’t do anything about the dragging on top. I’ve noticed that too, but it’s a matter of the object layering that’s inherent in Flash. I’ll see I can change the object layering on the fly.

You’re right about the robot touching the stacks… The simulator is pretty fine-tunable, but I didn’t expect such fine simulation was needed. I’ll see if I can add that.

And the errors on Page 2, i’m kind of laughing at myself for not changing those. I’ll fix that.

Thanks ALOT! I’ll issue a minor update in a few days.