2003 Gyro Wiring Harness

Does anybody know where we can pick up the wiring harness for the 2003 BEI Gyro? Apparently you were supposed to order it seperately but we haven’t found a disturbutor that carries them.

The Dukes

Are you planning on using the 2003 gyro? It appears to not be legal because of its cost:

Just a heads up…

our team never used our gyros soo we have several

my question is does anyone know which gyros belong to which year?

model numbers would be nice…

but also there a physical differece to them in the connector section, one u feed a connect thru the side and in another u feed the connector from the top, which is from '03 and which are from before that? there both bei and i want to seee if there a cost difference to them.

thanks in advance


We are using an old BEI gyro for testing, while we wait for our AXDR150EB to come in from analog devices. We also do not have the connector, and found the best way to connect it was to either use a pwm cable across the top and bottom rows, then splice it at the other end and solder the wires in the correct order. If you dont want to waste pwm cables, rip some header cables out of an old PC. Two 3 prong females (1 for gyro, 1 for RC), and a 1 prong female (for top row of gyro connections) should do the trick.