2003 Operator Interface, AC voltage output

Can anyone tell me the output voltage of the AC adapter model AD48-0901500DU (default), the one used to power on the Operator Interface.


Looking at the model number, the “09” looks like it could represent the voltage output, and the “1500” looks like an amperage rating. I googled the model number, and found that, in fact, that’s correct. It’s 9V at 1.5A.

Reference: http://www.smp-tech.com/power_supplies/ps_desktop_usjapan.htm

Beware of polarity. Usually, these things are center positive, but not always.

I googled it but I didn´t find nothing. Later I discovered that my search engine was looking for pages from Brazil only. :rolleyes:

Thank you.

Thank you.

It seems to me that i remember 9v being the voltage.