2003 Scoring Software

We are have been in the process of getting the software from FIRST. Our mini is this saturday and we still have not recieved the software.

I am wondering if anyone has a copy??

FIRST has to modify the software to use only 2 player stations on each side of the field.

Any software will do!!!



That’s a lot of ‘any’ software :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by monsieurcoffee *

That’s a lot of ‘any’ software :slight_smile: **

I have a feeling that he ( team222badbrad) was talking about the actual filemaker program that FIRST used to keep track of the match results / rankings during the competitions. Correct?

I beleave that those white papers only are to either scoring simulators or to collect (scouting) data on matches / teams.

You might want to contact some of the teams which you know are hosting off season comptitions directly to see if they have software to use if you’re in a rush :slight_smile: