2003 Scouting

Wow. I’m sure that anyone can tell by looking at the game that is will require a TON of scouting. I think that it will be MUCH more important this year than last. Therefore, I would like to remind all people:

Please, share your data! There will be programs on the web designed for laptops, palms, CE, Paper, … Use one of the systems. AND… then upload the data to a site. www.feds201.com will be an awsome resource. (I don’t beleave i’ll be making an animation this year therefore, i will spend all of my time on scouting/stragity) The more people that use it, the better everythign will be. Remember: You aren’t shareing stragity. Just data from matches & what you collected from teams. You WILL NEED more data about each team than what you alone will be able to collect.

I, along with others, will be developing a ‘standard’ of match/robot data to collect. Once this standerd has been made, apps will be created that you will be able to download and be able to use. In return for using the apps, we will ask that you upload data.

I will also have a ‘subjective’ data section on www.feds201.com This will be next to the team profiles. However, for subjective data to work correctly, we need lots of people to vote!

Right now, I’m going to read over the entire set of rules. Then, I’ll begin to ask questions/post polls about what data should be collected.

Remember, collecting data and sharing it is the only way for good stragity to occure. :slight_smile:

Thanks and good luck to all!

Andrew Schenk (aka Jack)