2004-2005 Joysticks

Does anyone know where to buy the 2004-05 KOP joysticks? I have been searching and every website that has the joystick listed is either out of stock or they don’t sell the joystick anymore.

This year both of the joysticks we recieved in our KOP were bad. When one got to about 145 the joystick thought it was at 0 and sent the motors into full reverse. I don’t remember what was wrong with the other. We ended up having to take the two joysticks from last years robot and using them this year - but now we are stuck with a 2004 robot with no controls. Our team is supposed to demonstrate a robot soon after the championship so this year’s robot will not be back yet and we cannot bring the controls back on the plane with us.

Yes, we could buy different joysticks but that would mean reprogramming the robot (and every button on both joysticks were used so they would need at least that many buttons).

If anyone knows where these joysticks can be found, please post here or e-mail me at [email protected]

Thanks for your help!

We have some extra, I PM’d you about this already.

GO 1403!!!

Do you think it may be something in the robot’s programming? It sounds like you have a mistake in the program somewhere where the program assigns unsigned characters and their respective functions…

If not, (if you are talking about the white joysticks) there are plenty of teams (including us) who have decided not to use those joysticks, and have a few still sealed in their original boxes. I don’t know if we are saving them to use later, though. If you request, I could be able to determine whether or not we can be able to send one to you. PM me if you are interested :slight_smile: .

From the description of your situation, it sounds like you could just reclaim the joysticks off your 05 controller and take them home after nationals. Don’t you take your OI with you anyway?