2004 Beantown Blitz: a Go?

So it’s that time of the year again, whether or not to make a Boston off-season competition a reality (tentative date is May 22nd, cost $300ish) Please place your vote as to whether or not your team would like to take part in just what could be… one of the best off-season competitions FIRST has ever seen!

While I can’t speak for the team, I know I’d love to help out at the event. There is only one slight problem, however…that is the Saturday after finals here at MSOE…so depending on when my last final is, it’d probably be pretty hard for me to get out there. But keep us updated on the date and I’ll keep you updated on my schedule.


Wow!! :ahh: Why such a jump in price for registering as opposed to the one planned last year??

While that may be an issue for some teams, I would still be interested in attending! (Whether my team goes or not!)

The price is the same as last year’s, we’d have to find additional sponsorship in order to lower it. However, we are using one of the same media compaines who do FIRST Regionals, and the venue is spectacular (hockey arena with overhanging balconies). In addition, its right in the middle of Boston. The Prudential Center is only a 7 minute walk away!

But of course, we need to make sure this is a worth-while investment. So please get back to me with your team’s interest.



Was is the same last year?? Hmm… I guess you are right.

I will ask my team and see if they are interested in going! I know I would!

Erin, where on earth are you holding this thing? I for the life of me can’t place where you’re talking about.

And to 237: I would love to have all of you visit me if you do come, but not all of you will be able to crash in my lounge…there’s not enough room! :stuck_out_tongue:

Matthews Arena on the NU campus, it’s on Gainsborogh St (take Hungtington Ave outbound, and take a left on the street after the intersection with Mass Ave).

[these are driving directions…]

Bah. Silly Green Line and all its branches. It’ll be easier (and cheaper?) to drive in than to deal with the T (at least from the Woodland stop). :slight_smile:

If this gets off the ground, I’d be willing to judge, ref or something, since I should be interning in the area (hopefully). Just let me know.

Matthews Arena is actually closer to the Mass Ave stop on the orange line. It is on St. Botolph street, which is the first left after you’ve taken a left out of the T station.