2004 BTB is ON!! (kill cancellation rumor)

I do not understand who may have started this rumor… but today, I discovered that it has reached people all the way at FIRST Headquarters (a few people have been asking me over the past few weeks):

The 2004 Beantown Blitz is NOT CANCELLED!!

Yes… the 2003 BTB was cancelled, you may refer to this thread for more information:

For those of you who read ChiefDelphi religiously and enjoy informing others on your team about what is mentioned in these forums, please check the dates of the threads and only spread information that is accurate. Don’t be that person who spreads information for the mere purpose of “appearing” intelligent and well informed. When you spread information that is incorrect, you may hurt people along the way.

Be cautious and be curtious, please.



Wouldn’t this thread’s presence in the rumor mill make the denial of the rumor itself a rumor? :wink:

Actually, my hope for this thread is to start some disussion how rumor-spreading may have helped, or hurt people. If you have an experience to share, please do so.

I was pleased to leave the rumor-driven world of high-school two years ago, and I’ve had hopes that that I never had to be thrown back into that world. Frankly though, being in the midst of a rumor is irritating me a lot. I do my best to act as responsible & professional as I can, and to be undermined by people who can’t check the dates of the threads they read… feels like a stab in the back. :o

My main concern is: the people who may have heard this rumor (rumor being: 2004 Blitz is cancelled), may not approach me for it’s validation… and may therefore miss out on the event.

Hoho, yes! Beantown Blitz is still on, and goodness me, I hope it doesn’t rain within the next couple days, considering I (and a few of my put-upon friends; bless them) went out last night and drew robots and wrote things in chalk all over Northeastern University’s campus. So if you see any drawings of robots playing baseball or robots holding hands, they were done by me!

Erin, RELAX. You have been in the midst of a lot of rumors. Another one shouldn’t make too much difference. My real question is, the part about acting responsible … Oh never mind. :eek: