2004 Chief Delphi Web Hug in Atlanta

It’s that time again. Time for everybody to come face to face and get out from behind those monitors, keyboards, and hundreds of miles of Internet.

What: 2004 Chief Delphi Web Hug
When: Thursday, 12:00 Noon
Where: Near the entrance to the Georgia World Congress Center, Hall B.
Who: You have a forum account? You’re invited.

We will give a quick hello, let people meet & greet, maybe hand out some forum-based awards, etc. Shouldn’t take up too much time. Keep an eye out for an exact location.

If you don’t know what the Web Hug is, and want to read about previous years, see these threads:


I’ve fallen somewhat from my position as a Top Ten Poster from two years ago…

It’s funny, cause I had only been posting since about January when I got that, or something like that.

Anyways, the webhugs are always fun, I’ve sort of had some of my own mini ones over the past weekend, finding random CD people at SBPLI, and I plan to do the same this weekend at Drexel :-). It’s always cool to meet new people.

Can’t wait, 21 days :-D!

Awwww … I had so much fun last year - sorry I won’t be able to make the '04 web hug! :frowning:

Make sure there are lots of pictures taken and let those of us who can’t be there know how it went!!!

Wish I could go…but I have a huge paper on the NYSE due as well as Sigma Kappa stuff that entire week…

…maybe I’ll just send my love in the form of cookies :smiley:

I’m assuming this is at the Nationals…if so, I’ll be there…even though I’m a newbie!

I missed it last year because we were at the noon practice match…heh that was the match where Im lined up on the human player pad and Austin, our driver is down on the other side of the field hooking up the controls to the wrong allience station…whoops.

“So you guys have a robot and a human player…do you also have a set of drivers?” FIRST Field Crew Guy. :ahh:

Anyway, I’ll be there this year :smiley:

Actually I think I found you on thursday of the SBPLI. Were you the person who answered our question about the umbrella programing.

I’ll make sure the cookies get there… :wink: :smiley:

Not if i get to them. :wink: LOL.

I’ve never been to a webhug, and am looking forward to meeting everyone!

(Someone had better just find me and remind me to come, I’m kinda ditzy like that) :slight_smile:

oh boy!

Hey Brandon: Mike, and the rest of the CD team,

Since the Webhug is tentatively scheduled at noon on Thursday and the conferences that FIRST have start at 1:00, maybe we can have it in the same general area as the conferences will be?

The last time I went to a webhug, we were done in well under an hour. That should give more than enough time for us to do our thing, and then have the conferences come in to start.

Unless, you wanted to have the webhug in the open somewhere, but I know in previous years that when we were in the general area, that we had to do some yelling to make announcements and what not.

It’s all your choice I guess, I just wanted to offer a proposal for a location.

Wherever it is, I’ll be sure to be there!

I would like to suggest a location for the venue. It is a really nice spot right next to the Dome (between the Dome and building C of the GWCC). It is beautiful grassy area, perfect for hanging out, meeting people and relaxing. I think this might be where FIRST is placing the picture area for teams. Unfortunatly I could not find a picture to post, but the location can be seen in the link below right about where #5 is.


Just a thought. I look forward to seeing everyone.

Yes, that was me, although I’m not sure if I helped you guys much at all :p.

I had a similar run in with Dave from 222 today, he dropped a limit switch off in our pits, I didn’t realize it was him or him me though, and that was that.

Yay i cant wait, i have been looking forward to this thing for awhile i wil def be there

Amanda Morrison ditzy? Say it ain’t so! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Now I definetley can’t goto the WebHug, she already wants me dead)

I will try and be there, practice match schedule permitting.

I will also try to be there. Hopefully I don’t have a practice match then so I can come.

Is anyone interested in putting together a web hug scavenger hunt for an icebreaker? A list of stuff related to the Forums and a place for signatures, like:

  1. Someone from team 111
  2. Someone who has ridden a Segway
  3. Someone who has played hacky sack with Andy Baker
  4. Someone who has posted a Haiku in the Chit Chat Forum
  5. The Real JVN

etc. - can’t use the same person for more than one answer.

Will the Real JVN please stand up, please stand up?

can i take the hug thing seriously and get some bear hugging done?:stuck_out_tongue: