2004 control board emulator

im not sure where to put this but i was wondering if anyone knows of a 2004 control board emulator. im learning to program and i want to be able to test code without breaking anything.

The simple answer is there is no easy or even remotely easy way for a beginner to simulate code. There is a emulator for PIC Processors but signifigant portions of the default code would have to be rewritten just to make it compatible with the emulator.

My advice to you would be to mess around with whatever you want and don’t be afraid of “breaking” anything. There is no way to “break” the controller or any other part of the control system through code (unless you accidentally program your robot ro drive off a cliff or cause some physical damage).

If you are just trying to test your own basic “main loop” code (no interrupts or other stuff that needs processor specific emulation) you can just write a simple wrapper for your code that allows for some method of input on a PC and then use a conventional debugger to look at your program. If you don’t know how to use a debugger, do it the old fashioned way, just output your data at key points in the program

ok so i will just try the code out when i finish.

I would recomend using the board with servos attached to the PWMs. (They make cool speedometers!) If you really need to use the PC (ie, you don’t have access to an RC or EDU), i’d say sorry. It just doesn’t work well.