2004 Festo Valve Not Available .....

I contacted my frendly FESTO distributer today about buying some of those nifty light weight solenoid valves and was told that they will not be available until Feb 11. Has anybody else been able to short circuit this release date?

well I plan to use mine, but if it frees up, then maybe I can give it to you. unfortunately I plan to use it for exhaust control to multiposition, but there is a 50% chance I won’t need it.

I don’t know if my team got any more of the new FESTO’s, they had so much trouble with getting a couple more SMC double solenoids. I think they gave up. The new FESTO are a very nice addition. They are less than half the weight and work vey nice. I hope they can get more because I would not use the other single solenoids unless I needed them specifically or used them in some other application.

The new “nifty light weight” Festo valve is available, but in limited quantity, and under the part number for the kit (which includes the valve, connector, and operating instruction sheet).

Info on ordering will be posted on the Festo website by Tuesday (hopefully late Monday).


Info is posted at the bottom of the page…



We just bought some through a distributor in Indy, using the “13026684” part number. Since these parts are “legal” valves (according to FIRST), and they are light, I forsee a high demand from teams to Festo.

Andy B.

I even had to swap for festo. my team captain was too lazy to wire a double solenoid and made me alter my plans and put the lighter festo in. it sort of messes with my original plan to use a double solenoid, but whatever… it saved us some wieght, but not enough… :mad: