2004 FIRST Video Services!

That’s right!

I am starting to offer high-quality FIRST videos, for personal, exhibition, and promotional use!

Tonight I will upload my first FIRST video. It’s a modified version of the FIRST video on the main page of www.usfirst.org. I removed all the blank space, redid the begining slightly, and added a few quotes and a larger FIRST logo at the end. (note: FIRST quotes provided by Spotlight).

Latter projects in my list are:
-Science Channel Documentary In Parts and Whole
-Previous Sparky Videos
-2004 Kick-Off in Parts and Whole (.mov form)

Incase you are wondering, if anyone see’s I’m using their material, quote, or whatever, send me an e-mail at josephm1314@yahoo.com and I’ll remove it for the video ASAP.

Remember, these videos are for non-profit use only.


Great idea, but just a quick question…have you checked out all the copyrights to the videos?

If you are approved by FIRST, I think it would be a great gift to rookie teams for their promotional use.

He should be ok if he asks permission and says that he isnt going to modify the FIRST logo, or sell for profit. To be safe, I’d go ahead and ask permission before modifying FIRST videos.

I’m still in beta now, but it’s coming. I will get all permission done before hand.

my link for that documentary isn’t working anymore, you ever finish your project?

No I have not, the server went ka-put, but I’ll upload a copy to the Sparky 384 site quickly, unedited though.

Thank you!

When it’s done uploading, it’ll be here: http://www.sparky384.com/gallery/album24

Just right click and save as to hard drive!