2004 Game Demo Animation

Does any one have info on who and where the demonstration animation that they showed at the Kick-off will be available for downloading?

Thanks, and sorry if this is a dupe I serached the forums and nothing useful came up.

I looked quickly on FIRST and seen nothing… I think maybe nasa archived it… you might want to chack around the robotics webcast sites.

-Greg The Great

you can find the webcast all ready archived at nasa robotics, (thanks Cassie and Mark) and also the animation Dave L made is at the 1 hour 32 min time frame.

The animation should be posted sometime on Sunday!

ok, thanks for the responces. I figured it would be posted sometime soon after the main traffic for the documents ends. But I am a little impatient :slight_smile:

I want to start showing the animation off to every one I know that didn’t get to see the game live… Thanks again.

Does anyone have the kickoff video in a non-straming format where I can actually save it on my computer? Thanks.

The entire kick-off?

I was planning on capturing just the game explination to MPG. I’m hoping to get it done some time today…

but I wasn’t planing on the entire kick-off event… that would be 2 hours of video…

Just the game portion of it would be good. Let us know when you have it done. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Since it in RTSP, you might need a special downloading agent for it.

I just put the animation links in the top of this forum:

and also


Thank you!

Team 991 has the animation alone on it’s site. You can go to www.brophyrobotics.com and click on the picture of the field and/or get it at:

Try that!

For the best quality version of the animation, use the links to the robotics.nasa.gov web site listed above by Alan. Those files are copies of original exports of the animation, and not screen captures of the webcast.

The small (low-res) version is about 7Mb. The medium-res version is about 47MB. There is a high-res version (full frame rate, 640x480 pixels) that is about 500Mb, but I do not have the space to post it on line.

As noted in another post, FIRST teams can copy the animation to your website and show it there, as long as appropriate credit is given (i.e. leave the credits in at the end of the animation).

FIRST teams may show and display the animation without restriction, for the purposes of promoting their team, NASA, FIRST, good clean fun, and St. Swithens Day.

The animation is copyrighted material (FIRST did not produce the animation, I did). FIRST teams have been given permission to reproduce and display the animation, but they can not modify it without my explicit permission.



Its out. Just the Animation Part.