2004 IRI (Indiana Robotics Invitational)

Mark your calendars now!

Tentative dates (because anything 7 months away is always tentative) for the 2004 IRI are July 9 and 10 (Friday and Saturday).

Location is Lawrence North High School (same as 2002 and 2003).

Watch for more news as the official FIRST season closes.

We are planning for many of the same types of activities and will add some enhancements from 2003.

Watch for: IRI Chairman’s award, Animation, Human Player game, a Cook-out, Guest announcers, TV coverage and more.

Each team’s entry fee requirements for 2004 will include a special ‘donation’ for a local elementary school. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this Chris. Please stay tuned to cyberblue234.comand indianafirst.orgfor various updates and announcements.

Can’t wait. IRI was the best event of the 2003 season, IMO.

I’m looking forward to it! That, and the roadtrip and the stays in the Omni. hope to see as great a turn-out as last year =)

I’m there. The IRI was the best competition I’ve been to, not including those two trips to Epcot.

Mid-July, baby, I-R-I. [/nsync]

WOOOO!!! The Marcus’s will be back! :]

We appreciate all the great comments that everybody gives us. We work really hard to make this the BEST FIRST event of the entire season. I cant wait to see everybody back there again in July '04!!

*Back home again, in Indiana!! *[/Ghomer] :wink:

Or Martus’, even :slight_smile:

I’ll be there again this summer. Last years event really was well run and quite competitive. Hopefully I’ll be on a competiting team this year… if not I’ll gladly volunteer to help out again. Hey Dave, know if any more judges are needed? :smiley:

We’re gonna work hard to make it bigger and even better than last year :slight_smile:

I’ll comment more maybe… after the actual season? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure we’ll be there. The IRI is my favorite competition of the year.

If you promise not to sing or play this song Wildstang will be there :wink:

yeah, i’m with rob on this one waves i’d love to judge or something along those lines. and perhaps i’ll convince 1089 to drag themselves up there this summer. w00t! it was quite the experience and i’m looking forward to 2004 as just as good a time =)

I’ll be there again, the 2003 IRI was the best competition I’ve been to. I wouldn’t miss the 2004 one for the world. Unfortunatly, I doubt my team will be able to attend because that’s a long trip from Florida, but I will definitly do my best convincing to try to get us to go :wink:

That depends very heavily on what you will do for me. You know, there is a trade off for this type of deal. I’ve got to get something out of it too… :wink:

Ain’t ya guys getting a little ahead? I mean our normal season is in five days. Shouldn’t we get through that first?

Maybe I’m just jealous because I can’t go to IRI…

No its never too late, teams always like to get dates ahead of time so that they can plan for later on down the line. If this were posted next week then it would have a high chance of getting lost in all the chaos. Put the date out early so that mostly everyone will see it before the real FIRST season starts up. We never stop planning the IRI. Why wait until after the Championships are over in mid April to announce the event, and only give teams 2 + months to think about the date?

I’ll be there :smiley: No idea if I be with a team or not this year, but I’m sure Andy Baker would have a place for me again if I don’t :wink:

i would go with the jealous :wink: perhaps find someone around there going and beg for a ride? i mean, mike dez (dez250) trekked all the way down to 222’s hometown just to go. maybe take a train down into jersey and beg for a ride from myself or the other sarah going. it IS possible, just takes a little determination.

A little determination and a heck of a lot of reading material…

<---- 25 hours on a Greyhound Bus to get to IRI…

PS I should be there this year, but I think I’ll take a plane or drive :smiley:

A) The IRI committee picked a great date. :slight_smile:
B) There are several things in the works that will be debuted at the IRI.
C) There’s no way in heck I’m NOT staying at the Omni this year (and missing out on all the fun).

Woo! I can’t wait!