2004 Motor Specs - Part 2

This one deals specifically with the Fisher-Price Motor. I received the actual performance curve from Johnson Electric this morning and it is attached as a PDF. I will be sending this to FIRST today. The summary is this:

Stall Torque = .40 N-m
Stall Current = 61 Amps
Free Speed = 15,694 RPM
Free Current = 1.18 Amps
Maximum Power = 164.5 Watts (occurs at 31 amps)

My previous post was an estimate from the Johnson Electric Engineer, and as you can see, he was right on on the speed stuff and a bit off on the torque. Anyway, this is the official information from Johnson Electric on our specific motor. The part number “63822” should be somewhere on your motor (the second line of three lines). That part number is a Fisher-Price specific part number within Johnson Electric.

I apologize for the confusion of the last post. Note to self: Next year, just wait for the official sheet from JE.


2004 Fisher Price (63822).pdf (20.3 KB)

2004 Fisher Price (63822).pdf (20.3 KB)

thank you soo much… its a great help… finally i can rely on doing something with fisher price motors… :smiley:

Okay, now how do we get more of these motors? If there are so many variations what F-P part number do we have to buy to get the motor from this year (assuming that FIRST does infact take back the mistaken ruling allowing the motor from 2002).

Anybody have an ideas?

Joe J.

I am working on it. By working on it, I mean going to a FP Power Wheels Service Center and looking through about a dozen motors until I find the right one. The FP part number is different from the JE part number for FP. Which means no part number on the motor will match any part number FP has in their system. You have to physically go through the motors until you see the part number printed on an actual motor.

In 2002, the conversation went like this:

Me: “I need the 64715 motor (JE part number for 2002 motor)”

Power Wheels Guy (PWG): [looks up in computer] “No such thing”

Me: [shows PWG motor] “See, the number is right here”

PWG: “Let me see that” [takes motor from me]

PWG: " Oh that is the 74290-9539 from the Harley Davidson. I have a few in stock" [goes and gets motor]

Me: [PWG brings back motor and the part number on the motor matches the number I got from JE] “That’s it, I’ll take 10”

My point in telling this story is to validate my statement above and to let everyone know that tomorrow at lunch I will be verifying the motor part number that we can order from FP. Please stay tuned.


We love you Paul…

Thanks for all the work and for sharing the info.

Joe J.

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Thanks a lot Paul!


Thank you. I’ve been looking for some good cut sheets on the motors.