2004 Rules - Mirror


The files are fairly small, so it doesnt seem like FIRST’s server is going to have a problem, but just in case…


There is also an “all.zip” file, which contains all of the files, in one easy download.



As said above all the files are pretty small, and right now (like a few mins after 5:00pm) the FIRST site is fine…

Since FSN has a server it isn’t using for much, i thought i’d throw them up there too.


The encrypted version of the manual is under the directory “Encrypted”. The un-encrypted version is under the directory “gullible” :wink:


ps: Credit for the zip file goes to Tom Schindler (read: I was too lazy to make my own & just “stole” his ;))

pps: On Sat. when the normal files become available, i’ll put those up there too along with the kickoff video, etc…

Here is another one…


So, where are the originals?? I went to the “Documents” portion of FIRST’s site a minute ago and and didn’t see them??

Anyone feel like posting the actual FIRST location here?

http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/doc_updt.htm :slight_smile: Same as always

Umm… yeah, my computer is dumb then, cause I went to that AGAIN and all I see is the Low Cost BOM… Oh well, I’m in no big rush to DL it all!!

Thanks anyways!

Here’s another. Listen-To has bandwidth to burn:


Don’t all these mirrors defeat the purpose of FIRST’s using the encrypted files and releasing them for download early?

Try clicking the REFRESH button on IE.

Two pieces of advice:

1.) Try refreshing the page
2.) Delete your cookies and go back to the page


and yet another, but I’m not quite so bandwidth-burn-able-ness as Listen-To so try to keep this as a last resort backup, I don’t want to see my cable modem melt.


But… On saturday when the normal pdf’s go up… people will be downloading those as soon as they can because they don’t want to have to bother typing in “Dean-is-cool” everytime they open the file OR… they’re running an old copy of Acrobat reader and don’t/can’t want to update. So… mirrors might be a bit more help then. :slight_smile:

Also, I plan on throwing up a copy of the kickoff vid. If you are a lot closer to the mirror, it would go a lot quicker than the nasa site.

SCRRF (Southern California Regional Robotics Forum) also has a mirror.


Try to clear your cache

here is another one http://www.eischools.org/usfirst/downloads/robotmanual/all.zip
it is all the encrypted files in one zip folder

heh… ya know what the really funny thing is going to be…

Even with this massive list of mirrors, FIRST is still going to bog down like none other tommorrow with people downloading the regular pdf’s from their site… :wink: