2004 Spotlight Contest: Best Overall Spotlight


Er, what are the choices?

Sheesh…give me a second :stuck_out_tongue:

The last three choices seem to be applicable to many years of FIRST. The first choice is the only one that you can really identify with this year.

Gotta love the “chess quote”. Anyone who has ever coached, understands.

Ok, time for “Jay’s dumb question of the day”! :stuck_out_tongue: What happens if there’s a tie? Do you start another poll with the tied Spotlights?

“FIRST is the only sort of competition that I’ve seen where somebody can win and the opponents can be genuinely happy for them.”

If you ask me-thats the best one around. It says everything FIRST stands for and that really shows how much gracious professionalism plays a part in the game. For lack of better words, gracious professionalism has been brainwashed into all the particapants brains, that if your team wins, the 2nd placers will come on over and shake your hands, even if you broke their robot or they broke yours, both sides will be pleasant to each other, and not let bad feelings ruin a teams celebrations.

Yeah, probably. That makes most sense.

And although you may have other quotes that you feel fit, everyone, why didn’t you submit them in time? :stuck_out_tongue: