2004 Spotlight Contest!

The 2004 Spotlight Contest is Open!

please PM me your nominees for:
-Best overall spotlight (This one should go to the spotlight that most says “2004 season” to you)
-Best humorous spotlight (There must be something funny in there…)
-Best serious spotlight (“Come see the softer side of FIRST”)
-Most FIRST-inspirational spotlight (Chairmans-worthy, people.)

You don’t need to do all the categories, just as much as you want to. Please don’t forget to copy the name of the person who was spotlighted, as well (it makes it easier to find that way).

Spotlights must be from a post made in the 2004 season. 2004 season is defined as September 2003 - May 2004. You can check the age of a spotlight by clicking on the blue page picture thingy on the left of the spotlight itself. All spotlights not from this time period will be removed from monimation.
To help, the cutoff quote is:

I personally think any student should be allowed to participate, as long as he/she is helpful and active. FIRST, to me, is about inspiration, not elitism.

That’s located towards the bottom of page 4. If sorted chronologically by post (how it automatically is done when you go into the spotlight pages), anything before that quote page-wise and including that quote is fair game.

Nominations close on Wed, May 26th at midnight…so get crackin! :smiley: