2004 Statistics

I know its 4 days late, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do a ‘Year In Review’ thread. I was entering the stats on our stats page and got motivated.

**Jan 2004 - Dec 2004
  | visits  | pages 	| hits 	   | bandwidth  |
  | 722,493 | 13,306,115 | 62,179,636 |  315.04 GB |
  **New Threads: **8,560
  **New Posts: **108,827
  **New Members: **3,164
    (w/ at least 1 post)**:  **1,319
  **New Polls**: 321
  **New Pictures**: 3,049 (by 609 users)
  **New White Papers**: 130 (by 78 users)
  **Reputation Given:  **19,843 times
     totalling 345,677 points 
     to 1498 users 
     by 604 users

Thanks Brandon for doing all these for us.

those of you who doesnt know, Brandon has been working on this site for 2 days now, today about 11 hours. take a moment to thank him cause if he wasnt up for this we wouldnt have a way to communicate during the build season. :slight_smile:

alright i am wrong… he worked at his job for 11 hours… umm… but he still did a lot in the past two days…

p.s.- Brandon, run away when you see me :: Duct Tape::


New posts: 108,827

W00t, my team number (108) :slight_smile:


Ary, I think you misunderstood me. I worked at my job for 11 hours today, only about an hour or two on the site today. If I worked on ChiefDelphi.com for 11 hours we probably would have editable white papers by now … :slight_smile:

(one day soon, I suppose…)

If I may be so bold as to ask, how is bandwidth paid for? Because that is one large wadge of Gigabytage.

We are alotted 200GB per month.

Oh, okay. I’ll feel free to upload full CD images for no apparant reason during the off season, in that case.

That’s a surprising number of 1-post users. I imagine 1-post users would mostly be thread starters, and I don’t recall that many threads like that…

Or people who have teammates who are already CD users …

Registered_User: “Hey, Billy look at this!”
Billy: “Neat! Post about that time we won the championship after both of our partner robots stopped working!”
Registered_User: “Ha yea - that was great! Do it yourself … go here, sign up - it’s easy”

Billy signs up, posts his story and forgets all about CD ( :eek: )

maybe I’m misreading some of these stats, but on the CD page (above text stats) it shows 315.04 GB of bandwidth, on the awstats page it shows 562.73 GB. and Brandon, you said we’re alloted 200GB. Its gotta be expensive to run this site! But WOW its a lot of information, and seeing all the different stats is pretty neat, almost scary!


Great work Brandon, it’ll get busier soon!

Well, I don’t know how I messed up the 300 vs 500 GB of bandwidth. I know there were times where the stats got messed up (when we moved servers, and then again when I had the logrotate script doing bad things).

When I said alotted 200GB that’s per month, so we only have to worry if traffic more than doubles during the build season. (And if that happens, our 1GB of ram will be more of an issue than bandwidth).

Oops, I guess I misread myself. I was thinking the 200GB and the others were per year. Duh… Still its more than I’ve been using.