2004 UCF hotell choice

I would love to see all my favorite teams in one hotel. We’d have a Blast!
Can we try to do it and book the rooms so we take up the whole place in orlando for march 11 and 12? (witchever hotel it may be)

we stayed in the hilton i think it was. Last year it was a great hotel right on Alyfa (not how spelled) it has free high speed interent connection. I think 108 was there to…ya i am pretty shure. I like that hotel alot we should all stay there i am pretty shure it was relatively cheap to. It is a business hotel so you get the newspaper in the morniing and everything. i personally would liek to be in that hotel again :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah the hilton is on Alafaya, right next door to it is a comfort suites which aint too bad, both are very close to campus. And in between these two esablishments is Bubbaloos…Mmmm bubbaloos its made of maximum BBQ action.

In the end i will be probably staying in my dorm…talk about high speed internet…woo hoo for 100mBit :smiley:

Last year we stayed at some hotell like 5mins down the road from the compition… This year we will be at All Star Movies resort near disney… so every morning we are going to get up early and come to the compition not thats a good or bad thing. The reason we are doing this is the 7 days before the compition we have the passes to go Disney World so we would rather stay there for the 10 days we are in florida instead of going to a new hotell. So we have stuff to do when we get home from the compition like downtown disney or go catch a movie instead of just watching tv or something like that to pass the time like we had to last year.

i KNow lets all stay at Andrew’s Place

HAHAHA My roomate and I can barely fit in my room, i dont think all of you can!

Team 1083 would be interested in hosting a get-together, as our team is 1.5 miles from UCF :slight_smile:

If this is something you think people are into, let us know, and we will put something together. There is a really AWESOME bowling alley just down the road (has 88 lanes) and other cool things in the area. By the way, there is also a very nice LaQuinta Inn close to UCF as well as a Holiday Inn, and Marriot Courtyard.

Nathan Pell
Team Leader 1083

`bowlomg huh? looks like somone is stealing my ideas;) anything that we could do with all the other teams would be awesome,Keep us posted

mmm we stayed in the la quinta for robot rodeo it was alright nothing to exiting i still like the hilton and thats were i am pushing for my teeam to stay again. def have to have a team get together that would be fun, are they doing the thing at the student union again this year?


It looks like there is some interest for a get together. I will get with my team and see if we can’t some up with something.

What day do y’all think would be best? (I am thinking Wednesday or Thursday night before things get hectic)

Nathan Pelll

well which day is practice day i forget sorry isnt it thursday so ya the best time would be wed or thur but remeber alot of teams come up on thur morning like i know i will be up wed night cause i am a driver but usually only drivers make it up wed night

hilton… again… i guess nice… its a nice hotel… i wouldnt mind staying there… i think i will get together with my team and see what they says… i would love to be in a hotel with all my friends that i have met through FIRST…

If were all serious about this i think somone needs to find us all infornmation and mabye some discounts. so we can relay all this informayion to our teams. i heard early on that First had a new sponsor that set up hotel arangements for large groups like Robotics teams :wink: .

Well, Looks Like weel be staying in the Holiday inn express in orlando ,Fl
Who else is? If you dont know yet Try to get in there with us :slight_smile:

Just for teams to know, there is also a place called “Waterford Lakes” on Alafaya about half a mile past SR-50 (if you’re coming from UCF). It’s a large shopping center with nice movie theaters, Best Buy, good restaurants, and some other things for teams to do. Just a suggestion teams may want to consider if you can’t afford to do anything big-budget. Going to the movies isn’t that expensive :wink:

better yet across the street there is a home depot.

We’ll be at the Radisson this year.

Anyone else?

If memory serves me correct (which it rarely does and Im sure arefin will correct me if I’m wrong), our ENGINEERS stayed at the hilton, and we stayed somewhere else, but I can’t remember where…

Anyways, as soon as I find out where we’re staying I’ll post it, I’ve plain out forgot right now. heh

i think we will be at the raddioson for UCF.