2004 UCF Videos

HI all, Iam looking for some of my former teams match videos (1368).
I have tried searching everywhere (CD, youtube, soap108, and NASA) but i cant seem to find any of the Qualifying matches. Yes its from 9 years ago but that was my rookie year.

The earliest I found were from 2006 and 2007. I was not sure whether you were ONLY looking for 2004 videos or for any videos.
Click on the ones with a little film symbol and they have a video of that particular match.

I couldn’t find anything from 2004 though, sorry!

Good Luck on finding them!


Actually, yes. I still have a number of videos from 2004 saved on my hard drive.

I have match 9 and match 45 saved, PM me how you would like me to send them to you, or I could upload them to youtube.