2004 Webcasts

SOAP will be looking for (preferably seasoned veteran) Teams to help digitize and/or stream regionals next year. One per Regional. The VHS thing this year was a great start in getting teams to help collect tapes (many thanks 45 and 111), but we left room for improvement next year!!

Pls stop by Team 108’s booth (Galileo) and inquire…you can also PM me. High-level: SOAP HW/SW & NASA Support + Your Staff = Awesome FIRST Event Coverage.

KA-108 :cool:

p.s. SOAP is ‘parked’ behind einstein, but we’ll try to have some knowledgable student(s) in the Pit to help explain this.

talk amongst your team and have one point of contact. thanks.


Mentor Mark Miller says, "I can most probably get a server to stream the video from and a web server for the files by then. "

Yea MVRT 115 would like to help a lot… We will be remapping our server locations, and also have a better infrastructure. The MVRT site is planning to launch a big site for teams to find tons of resources and will be archiving media from events all over the nation. This will be a great oppertunity for the teams to help ous from different locations. Pretty much similar to soap 108. Thanks soap you have been a great resource this year.

~ See you all at nationals!

~ Akshay