2005 Archimedes Division

OK, I’ll start it.

Go Archimedes! At first glance, it seems as if we collectively have a big statistical advantage over the other divisions, but that of course means nothing. Let’s all do our best to not believe the press and the hype and stay humble, lest we become overconfident and underestimate “the little guy” at the worst possible moment. That’s exactly what they want Archimedes to do! :wink: Sly dogs with their reverse psychology. :slight_smile:

Little ol’ Team 48 is buried deep in the weeds where more offensive predators boldly hunt their prey. May Our Lady of Blessed Defense guide us and protect us as we enter into honorable battle against the offensive monsters that are contained in our division!

It’s on! Can’t wait! Good luck!

man the divisions are crazy this year. but i do have to say i like them all.
first did a good job at spreading the “power” around the divisions this year. i likey

I thought it was random :confused:

Regardless, Archimedes will certianly be an excellent division. Only 9 days left!

this is gonna be a tough division w/ 233, 71, 179 in here…good luck to everyone!!

it is tech. random but every few years it seems the powerhouses of that year just get in together…but we’ll see who comes out on top over all… cya around!!

If there is a team who will be updating information on the Archimedes division live on their website, send me a PM or email, I am currently getting all the teams who are doing live updates on each field and will put the on 384’s new Championship home page.

This division sounds like a lot of fun and I’m happy to be in it, and I don’t know about the robots but I defenetly hope we have the best spirit of all the divisons. Regardless of what teams go to represent Archimedes in the final rounds; let’s all show the other divisions how loud we can be a the Georgia Dome.

:smiley: Go Archimedes :smiley:
Good Luck to all the Teams


I just want to point out that the last two Chairman’s award winners (103 and 254) we’re in the same division as us). That is good news for 48, 65, 79, 233, 342, 812, 931, 957, and 1014 and unless FIRST overcomes it’s low number bias (before last year no team over 200 had won the Chairman’s award. Maybe this year they’ll break 300) things look really good for 48, 65, 79 and 233. If you go by the unscientific method. :smiley:

Not to mention 173, 401, 245, and 122. Man, Archimedes is stacked this year. But dont count on the Arch winner winning it all. There are enough top-notch teams in each of the division for an amazing alliance to emerge and win it all. 45, 118, 67, 254, 365, 66 and 68 are all gonna try and give us one great fight for the championship! But itll be pretty hard to beat an alliance that can win Arch, especially if it has a combination of 233, 71, 173, and/or 179 in it.

1027, 173 are both in this division and were on the same winning alliance seeds #1 and 2 going into the picking. I mean there are so many good teams I cant wait to watch some of the matchs.

don’t forget about us!!! lol hey we are a force also. lol not to be big headed… but you do have to look at all of the other divisions also. they are pretty tough this year.

WOW arch what a division.

This is gonna be fun. Newton will do their best…

Looks like Archimedes is really on FIRE. I would like to point out some teams…

48, 65, 71, 79, 93, 107, 116, 173, 179, 217, 233, 716, 1114, 1251 are the teams that has caught my attention this season. This division is really going to have lots of crazy Tripple Play. Arefin will be there to watch these teams in action. Good luck to all teams out there.

There are great teams in each division, but the thing that stands out most about Archimedes is depth. If you made a dream alliance in each division, it would be great, but I think Archimedes has a bit of an advantage with realistic alliance picking.

24 Archimedes teams in the elimination rounds. 25 Archimedes teams won regionals.

I can’t wait.

I have to say I’m SOO honored and excited to be in such a great division, sure to have some of the best matches!!!:smiley:

You may have an excellent division but watch out for Galileo! My bets are on a Archimedes vs. Galileo finals and that should be incredible to watch. Good luck to all the teams!

I see a lot of teams repersented in these posts, especially 173…

Can’t forget about one of the teams that beat them at UTC is 1071

(not a put down, team MAX had a bit of programing help from RAGE this season… top notch team to work with)

this is going to be one hell of division, easily 4 or 5 combinations of teams could win this division and nationals… I can’t wait

WOW… divisions have been up for a while now and no west coast archimedes team has posted to represent. I just counted, maybe because at first glance I can probably only count about 5 teams in California going to Nationals. We can’t forget about 980, they are a VERY powerful team. Also it’s time for 1266 make it pass the first round of eliminations, they have a great robot and thus many teams have focused their defense on them. I think Archimedes is very powerful like last year, good luck everyone.

I agree! Let’s make the other divisions wonder what’s going on in Archimedes! RAGE is up for the challenge, are you???

We have 85 POWERFUL teams in Archimedes, let’s

i love to play in randomly generated matches with a list of good teams because your almost guaranteed a good alliance pairing. And with 85 teams instead of somewhere around 40 the “ALMIGHTY ALGORITHM” doesn’t stack you against the same teams over and over again and pair you with the ones you just played against and give you the same poor alliance over and over. it’s also statistical more difficult for the best team to be first seed. with 6 matches a bunch of teams are gonna be 6-0 and the qualifiers will rank them so the best team ever that wins every match and completely wipes there opponents out will be the lowest seed in that 6-0 bracket

Tytus, do you remember 2 years ago at Nats we were allied with 1 team twice and then another team twice? I forget how many were in our division, but…

This algorithm hasn’t looked any different so far to me. I think they should look at the pairings for these kinds of things and run it a few times until these situations are minimized.

But as you just said, I don’t think your going to see the “names” in the top 8 with straight wins. I think there will be at least 6-7 undefeated teams, and not necessarily deserving ones. Some of the good teams will go head to head and lose due to pairings also. I think the so called “super alliances” are going to be very hard to build.