2005 Battlecry Thanks!

On behalf of the Babson students who visited Battlecry (because I don’t think they’ve really discovered CD yet), I would like to thank everyone who helped make their experience a positive one.

I would especially like to thank:
-Ken Stafford for announcing their arrival to the competition
-All the mentors, students, and volunteers who stopped by to introduce themselves, explain their view on FIRST, and gave their contact information if they had any questions (I’m sure that they will be contacting you in the fall!)
-RAGE (173) for serving as their host team by offering them a place to sit and answering any questions they had.

It’s amazing what happens when you bring people new to FIRST to their first competition. Quotes like these really showcase how awesome FIRST and the FIRST community really is:
“I know so many people I went to high school with who would have benefited so much from this program.”
“This is so much cooler in person than on the webcast!”
“I wish I had this when I was in high school!”
“Everyone’s so nice! I never expected anyone to come up to us and offer to help us out.”

The group that visited Battlecry is part of Babson College’s MCFE (Management Consulting Field Experience) Program, which allows undergraduate students to gain real-world experience by giving free consulting advice to local non-profit organizations while obtaining class credit. You can read more about it here. The students that have been selected to work with FIRST in the fall were invited to come to Battlecry to meet people involved in the program and to get a real taste of what FIRST is like.

Their project is part of a larger program to attract Babson students to science and technology industries through working with FIRST. If you have any questions concerning the Babson-FIRST Partnership, or would like to be contacted by the group in the fall when they will be looking for advice from FIRSTers, please email me at jessica.boucher @ gmail.com or toss me a PM.

Thanks again!

I’d like to thank Rage (173) and the Aztechs (157) for helping us win our only qualifying match. A really cool group of people. I’d also like to thank Mechanical Mayhem and 61 for carrying us to the quarterfinals. And thanks to the BC6 staff for putting on an extraordinary event.

Also thanks to one Andy Grady for picking me to play FIRST Jeopardy becuase although I wanted to play I was to shy to raise my hand.

Thank you to Paragon (571) for sitting with us in the finals and cheering for us - you guys had the best team spirit for the whole competition! :smiley:

I would like to thank 1027 and RAGE (173) for the great time in the finals. Team 663 had a great time with both of you. you two both exemplify gracious professionalism in everything you do, you both were a joy to work with – and sit with for a couple of hours waiting for the 8th-finals to finish up :smiley:

Team 121 would like to thank team 40 for picking us and team 596 for helping our alliance to win! We were exstatic that we finally got to be paired with 40, I can’t remember the last time we had the privelage of playing alongside you. It was a great time, and the finals were especially exciting. The event was awesome, so thanks go out to all of the volunteers who worked it, as well as congradulations to every team that participated.

I was also shocked that we won an award that other teams voted on, thanks to everyone who voted for us!

Also thanks to 173 for being cool about us wanting to pick you, but not being able to because of how the seeding worked out. Maybe RhodeRAGE will happen at another offseason…


A BIG THANKYOU to all the teams that participated in BC6. It was a great way to introduce the new drivers to the thrills of an actual competition. The teams were awesome! 1027 & 663 were great allies, PS. Kathy we will truly miss you - Light up FIRST!!! Git “R” organized. Chuck “Nye”

On behalf of Team Overclocked (246), Thanks to The Aztechs (157) and to Gale Force (126). We all had a great time working with you, and hopefully will get another chance to in the future!

Great job everyone!