2005 Beantown Blitz!

Hello Everybody!

I’m glad to announce that there will be a 2005 Beantown Blitz on May 21, 2005! Thanks to you all who attended our first event, it was your enthusiasm who helped make this become an annual event!! :slight_smile:

It’s November now and we’re all daydreaming about next year’s game and Regional events. While your mind is wandering and you have any cool ideas for our little off-season competition here in Boston, definately post them in this thread! If anything, the quality of the event will only get better & better, so please mention any and all ideas.



Good to hear the BTB is coming back for another year!!! Erin and the crew of Northeastern University put on a great show. I speak for 222 when I say we had a blast! Looking forward to the trip again this spring…only comment might be to move the arena more into the pit space we had last year so that more seats can view the action. now all we hafta do is find out what this year’s game is :wink: