2005 Championship Divisions!?

Hmmm I think I stumbled upon something… :wink:


Where did you find that???

Alright Tom, I’ll bite :rolleyes:

I’ll believe you when you show me a usfirst.org page that shows the same thing.

Second, it looks like you just went and put the teams into divisions by starting with the lowest team in division 1, second lowest in division 2, etc. I may be wrong, but I don’t think FIRST does it this way.

You also put 180 in there twice and 188 and 84 out of order :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, it’s early.
They’ll be ALOT more teams when the official divisions come up.

HAHAHAHA. Nice job Tom.

Last year, FIRST’s process was rather simple, at least i thought so and if i remember correctly. They just counted off, 1,2,3,4, and placed teams into the divisions that way. It did change more though, when teams decided on going if they had won a regional/chairmans. For the most part, it may be accurate through the top one or two hundred.

Yea i bet all of you thought that i was tricked, but i wasn’t i was just umm… acting, yea thats it I knew it was a fake all along, nervous laugh

Not quite, buddy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing will ever top the “Nationals is cancelled” rumor that threw everyone off a few years ago

Or how about FIRST is moving to Indiana… :rolleyes:

Hey, nobody has come out and disproved that yet :smiley:

DooD!!1! You left off my team – but that’s OK. We don’t look high tech and don’t have custom machined parts. My feelings aren’t hurt. Much…

But you did leave off team 492. Big mistake. Big. They rock. I’ve seen their bot scoop up a vision tetra without slowing down and get it into place above the tall goal in about 5 seconds. In autonomous mode. Respect the Titan Robotics Club .

They aren’t the only good Washington team, either. Team 1039 has a slick rotating tower and a solid drive train. They rock too. Team 1318 has a really interesting double-skewer that is just as good at picking tetras from the floor as from the auto loader.

Looks like a case of discrimination against the PNW regional to me… :]

NO! That can’t be true, we arn’t pitted next to MOE! :frowning:

Oh my. Well, all I have to say to that, is FIRST is coming to Indiana :stuck_out_tongue:

The scoring system has been being tested to great lengths recently to try to avoid problems from future times. Tom if you did see anything it was only a test and nothing even close to official.

Nice try Tom!

For a second let’s suppose that this was legitimate. Look at the murderers row that’s been created in Galileo; 33, 47, 60 & 71 would all be adjacent in pit row.

Not to mention the powerhouses of 21, 173, shameless plug 195, and 237.

We shall wait and see inthe upcoming weeks what the divisions for the championships will be. In the meantime, that speculated list if It turned out to be the actually list then the championships will definitely be exciting.

I am all in on that one. I have wanted to be back in the same division as the Beast since 02 when we won with them. I think they should go back to that pick 5 in a row thing. That created some interesting match ups from around the country, and what the best part was though is that a lot of the early teams that were around in 98 when the numbers were “set” were in the same divisions, so that a lot of the UTC teams, and GM teams were together, that created some good match ups in Newton that year.

From the source:


  <o:Author>Tom Bottiglieri</o:Author>

  <o:LastAuthor>Tom Bottiglieri</o:LastAuthor>






BUT… It is also hosted on 195’s site so that would explain him being the author, as he wasn’t linking to the FIRST website.

I’ll bite and throw it back: this is inaccurate in my opinion. Assuming that the teams listed on that page are the current competitors, the Juggernauts should be in the Galileo division. The template for divisions is: Archimedes, Curie, Newton, Galileo- this has been in use since 2003. The teams are basically listed numerically and sorted by that template. (1st, 5th, 9th, and so on are in the first division; 2nd, 6th, … in the second division; and so on) The division that start the list rotates each year. The first team numerically in both 2003 and 2004 was the Juggernauts (0001). In 03 they we placed in Curie, and last year they participated in Newton. Following the template, they should be placed in Galileo this year. Thats my $.02 analysis of the championship sorting system. Attached is my current unofficial division listing- I’ve been updating it since 3 months ago just to see how my team moves around as teams join in and drop out. However, through the power of coincidence, 469 has ended up in Galileo- what I expected based on my sheet.


CMPstatus.xls (32.5 KB)

CMPstatus.xls (32.5 KB)