2005 Chief Delphi Web Hug Raffle

Starting in about 20 minutes we will start giving out raffle tickets for the Web Hug raffle. We will have a bunch of prizes to give away, similar to last year. This year, we will be raffling them off rather than basing the giveaways on forum statistics.

On the 47 minute mark (the 60 seconds between XX:47:00 and XX:47:59) of every hour from now until the Sunday night before the Championships, a link will show up at the top of every page. Click that, and get a ticket. We will be giving out 15 every hour. You may get one ticket this week (4/2-4/10) and one next week (4/11-4/17), giving you two total chances to win a prize.

Get a ticket. Print it out. Bring it with you. Win a prize … if you’re lucky.

For info on the Web Hug, see this thread.

Got Mine… That’s cool :wink: Thanks

It works great Brandon. Right on time too.

Woo hoo, i got one. So now does this mean that i cant get another for the rest of the week…correct?!

Im not doing this, but what about the people out there that have 2 user names?

Right. Next monday (9 days) you can get another one.

(It’s 9 days, because I started it today instead of Monday like I had originally planned.)

I’m glad it worked – thanks to you guys who got the first few tickets. :slight_smile:

And, two user names is against the rules. PM me with people who have two and I’ll take care of it.

Just to clarify:
I think the page said only 10 every hour - but you said 15?

If all the tickets for that minute aren’t claimed, and it turns to :48, are those tickets gone?

Yeah, I noticed the bug about 10vs15. I fixed that.

Yes, everybody gets 60 seconds, if they aren’t claimed – they’re gone.

One thing for all you Firefox users like me that can’t print…use Ctrl+S to save your ticket for later. It pulls up just fine.

Ctrl-p worked for me

Got mine :slight_smile:

Got mine. Now I just need that thing to send me a text message to remind me to actually show up. :slight_smile:

Now I did it! :rolleyes:
I done near went and got a ticket.
NOW I have to come! :smiley:

Soon. :slight_smile:

Database tables are ready.
Code is about 30% done.

I should be able to work on that tomorrow a bit. If not, it should be ready early next week. I was going to do that today, but I needed to get the ticket thing in place first.

W00T :smiley: Got my ticket :smiley:

Do we have to be there with the ticket, or could the ticket be there with someone else? I take it we need to be present to win, but do you have a way to try and keep people from using tickets they get from other users (seeing that many of us have never seen each other in person before)? Just trying to help clear up any **potential **problems.

I got mine…what are the prizes anyway?

Got my ticket!!

I got my golden ticket!!! Thanks Brandon Wonka, Brandon makes the bestest chocolate in the world! And my Martus bar came wrapped with a special GOLDEN TICKET!
To bad it looks like i’m not going to be in atlanta, but just incase i snagged it:)

The best time to get a ticket is in the early morning or late night.
Not as many posters to compete with.

I GOT ONE!! Whooeee! :smiley: