2005 Divisions Announced



Looks like DJ nailed it.

Just flipping through the list, Archimedes once again looks like the division. All three 2004 champions (71, 435, 494) are back in there, as are 79, 179, 217, 233, 342, 845, 1251, and those are just the ones I spotted off the top of my head.

(crosses his fingers for his volunteer assignment)

This is going to be interesting. All the divisions have very good teams. This is going to be a good game in Curie Division. Some teams from top of my head… 7, 21, 33, 108, 118, 195, 229, 234, 269, 279, 312, 461, 1126, 1646… 9 days…

Can’t wait to you guys again in the Curie Division.

ARCH-I-ME-DES whoot whoot. champs comming out of Archimedes again this year hahahahahahaha. lol

Quick Stats to chew on…:

Regional Championships Per Division (A team who won two, counts twice…)

Archimedes: 29
Curie: 13
Galileo: 24
Newton: 19


Archimedes: 18
Curie: 10
Galileo: 14
Newton: 12

#1 Seeds

Archimedes: 12
Curie: 2
Galileo: 6
Newton: 4

#1 Picks

Archimedes: 8
Curie: 2
Galileo: 12
Newton: 3

I love this division, so many great teams in it. Billfred your list is one :ahh: deadly :ahh: list. I can’t wait to see some great matches. Good Luck to all and see you all at ATL. :smiley:


Here are the list of teams attending Championship and are in Curie Division.

2005 Curie Division:

7 (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Lockheed Martin/AAI/Constellation Energy Group & Parkville High)

21 (Combat)

33 (Killer Bees)

41 (Watchung Hills Regional High School)

49 (Dow Chemical Company/Delphi Automotive/Best Buy/Zimco Inc. & Buena Vista High School)

60 (Ford Motor Company/Laron Incorporated/West Coast Netting Inc./Southwire & Kingman High School)

66 (GM Powertrain Ypsilanti & Willow Run High School)

73 (Bausch & Lomb/RIT & Edison Technical and Occupational Education Center)

85 (The Herman Miller Foundation /Trans-Matic/Plascore/ODL/Town & Country Group/Gentex Corporation/Midway Machine Techlologies/ITW-Drawform/Mead-Johnson Nutritionals/Request Foods/Zeeland Lumber Company/USF Holland Motor Freight & Zeeland High School & Fruitport High School)

94 (Lear Corporation/Lear/Lear Corporation & Southfield High School)

108 (SigmaC@T)

118 (Robonauts)

123 (Ford Motor Company/ITT-Tech/Coffey Machining Services & Hamtramck High School)

131 (BAE Systems/Rockwell Automation & Manchester Central High School)

141 (JR Automation Technologies & West Ottawa High School)

158 (Solid Edge & Live Oaks)

175 (UTC-Hamilton Sundstrand & Enrico Fermi High School)

180 (S.P.A.M)

195 (Cyberknights)
222 (Tigertrons)

229 (Division by zero, Denominator)

234 (Cyberblue)

247 (University of Detroit Mercy/Comau Pico & Berkley High School)

269 (Cooney Quest, CooneyTech Oconomowoc High School)

279 (Dana Corporation & Toledo Public Schools)

292 (DaimlerChrysler Kokomo Transmission Plt & Western High School & Western High School)

301 (Ford Motor Company/m80.net/ArvinMeritor & Dearborn High School & Dearborn High School & Dearborn High School)

312 (Heat Wave)

326 (GM Powertrain & Romulus High School)

337 (American Electric Power/Ralph R. Willis Career & Technical Center/Southern West Virginia Community & Technical College/Logan County Coal Vendors & Logan County Schools)

343 (Hamilton Career Center- Oconee Business Education Partnership & Seneca, Walhalla, West-Oak and Tamassee Salem High Schools)

353 (Trio Hardware & Plainview Old Bethpage Central School District)

362 (Gensler/Raytheon/NASA/Northrop Grumman Corp./American Elements & The Archer School for Girls)

375 (Discovery Institute at the College of Staten Island/Verizon Foundation & Staten Island Technical H.S.)

388 (Pal’s Electric Shop/Terra Tech & Grundy High School)

404 (Diversified Manufacturing, Inc. & ARGS)

440 (Ford Motor Company/NASA/R. L. Schmitt Co. Inc. & Cody HS & Redford HS & Non-Profit)

461 (Schlumberger/Purdue University/Indiana Space Grant Consortium/NASA & West Lafayette High School & Harrison High School)

481 (Chevron Richmond Refinery/Ofoto, Inc/Mechanics Bank/De Anza PTSA/TAP Plastics of El Cerrito/Contra Costa College/The West Contra Costa Public Ed Fund/NASA & Middle College High School & De Anza High School)

499 (ASME PD/Lockheed Martin/ITT Tech/UTSA College of Engineering/On-Board Software & John F. Kennedy & Memorial HS & Edgewood Academy)

518 (Gumbo/FSU/GVSU/Hope - Calvin Colleges & Ottawa Hills High School)

529 (The Foxboro Company/Mansfield Electric/Texas Instruments/Albany International/Woodard & Curran & Mansfield High School)

549 (Leominster High School)

578 (Gleason Works & Fairport High School)

596 (EMC/Intel/Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab/Caliper LS & Hopkinton High School)

614 (Hayfield Secondary School)

638 (Dupont/Dupont & Clover Hill and Chesterfield County High Schools)

677 (American Electric Power/The Ohio state University & Columbus School for Girls)

703 (Delphi & Saginaw Career Complex)

752 (Mercedes Benz & Science High School)

768 (NASA -GSFC/Fred Needel Inc. & Woodlawn High School)

807 (Macro Industries/NASA-MSFC/US Army & New Century Technology High School)

816 (BCIT Foundation & Burlington County Institute of Technology)

832 (Roswell High School)

854 (Toronto District School Board & Martingrove Collegiate Institute)

904 (Gill Industries/GM - Grand Rapids Metal Center & Creston High School)

933 (IEEE/Hamilton Sundstrand & Christian Life High Schools)

967 (Rockwell Collins/Iowa Fluild &Power /Bentley Manufacturing and Machine Shop/Linn-Mar Foundation/Valley Apparel/Cedar Rapids, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering/Tri-State Tours/NASA & Linn-Mar Community Schools & Linn-Mar High School)

981 (HR Textron/Tejon Ranch/TXI Texas Industries/Instrument Society of America & Frazier Mountain High School)

1000 (Urschel Labs & Wheeler High School)

1022 (General Electric/American Electric Power & South Side HS)

1033 (DuPont Spruance & Benedictine High School)

1072 (The Harker School)

1100 (Rohm and Haas & Algonquin regional)

1126 (Xerox Corporation & Webster High Schools)

1140 (Holly High School)

1188 (Gulfstream Aerospace and Sol C Johnson High School)

1216 (Kuka Development Labs and Oak Park High School)

1241 (GM of Canada Engineering & Rick Hansen SS)

1257 (NASA & UCVTS Technical and Magnet High School)

1272 (Bloomington Robotics & NASA/Cook/Hoffman Design Works/Boston Scientific Corp & Ivy Tech)

1287 (Santee Cooper/AVX Corporation & Horry County Schools)

1350 (Raytheon/BrownU & LaSalle)

1388 (SOFTEC/Melfred Borzall, Inc & Arroyo Grande High School)

1398 (NASA & W.J. Keenan High School)

1450 (Xerox/Xerox & Benjamin Franklin Educational Campus)

1503 (General Motors & Westlane Secondary School)
1510 (LEGO/NASA & Oregon Space Grant/Synopsys & Hendel & Westview Robotics Team)

1527 (Nav air/NASA & Granite Hills High School)

1574 (Iscar & Misgav High School)

1593 (Verizon & high school for environmental studies)

1610 (SCHEV/Hercules, Inc./Eastman Chemical Co./International Paper & Franklin High School)

1646 (Purdue University /Convergence Education Foundation/NASA & Jefferson High School)

1665 (Kaz Inc & Hudson High School)

1680 (EDS Canada & Fort Erie Secondary School)

… one heck of a division.

Good luck to all teams…

looks like we will be having some fun in the curie divison (by zero) i know that it will be a great division and we will all have some fun.

good luck to all and see you all in 10 days (or so)

Here is the list seperated by Divisions.


47 and 88 are finally together! This is going to be a fantastic finale. Good Luck teams.

Wow, Archimedes is going to be wild. I can’t wait to see what happens. I’ll be running from Newton to Archimedes. I better bring my good walking shoes! :yikes:

woohoo curie for us. Should be fun

Even according to those stats, without a doubt, the divisions, by strength, rank:

  1. Archimedes (clearly :()
  2. Galileo
  3. Newton
  4. Curie

Some more stats.

Same as before, but no repetition allowed. i.e. Number of Regional Champions per division. If a team won twice, you only count once. If a team was a champion and a finalist, they only count as a finalist. This will give a better idea of how many “elite” level teams are in each divison.

(Thanks to Bill Moore for the suggestion)

Regional Champions

Archimedes: 25
Curie: 10
Galileo: 21
Newton: 17


Archimedes: 13
Curie: 7
Galileo: 9
Newton: 8

Never count out the underdog! Team 93 + Boilermaker Regional = 41st seed to the finals in 4 matches. The champs may come from someplace other than Archimedes. Although I personally hope not since our team is in Archimedes.

Good luck to all and safe travels to Atlanta next week!


Archimedes is on F.I.R.E!!!

haha here we come… good luck all teams… heres to one memorable championship event!

OK, I just can’t let this one by…
Archimedes is all the RAGE!!! :smiley:

Archimedes is the epsilon delta…
Not quite as good :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, Arch is stacked, at least we get a good show once we get knocked out of the competition :eek: :smiley: