2005 Duel on the Delaware FFL

Anyone want to do a Duel on the Delaware First Fantasy League. I have an idea on how it works but not too sure on the rules and stuff.

I’ll help run it/participate. It’ll hafta move pretty quickly. Assuming you run a three robot a person round with 15 people it’ll take a few nights with a 15 minute time limit to draft.

[EDIT]Okay so apparently we can only run a nine person league[/EDIT]

  1. Freddy204
  2. iCurtis

you could always do two teams more people. or allow double drafting of teams and make a larger league.

anyhoo, im in.

Count me in, please.

Everybody get involve.

Just a suggestion… don’t do it unless it’s really going to get done.

Cuz neither of the IRI leagues did, and that was a much larger competition.

I know one league got it done but due to circumstances out of our control it was undone, but I believe an overall winner was declared in both leagues.

I’d say if we don’t have a reasonable number of people tommorow night we don’t do it.

Yeah, it didn’t take much to declare an overall winner, since I had two of the event winners, and a semi finalist.

But other than that being completely obvious, nothing else happened.

I don’t mean to put down either of the people who started the league, but for the sake of everyone, unless you’re committed to get all the event stats necessary for scoring, and actually score it, don’t do it.