2005 FIRST combined Manual PDF

I simplified it into 1 simple pdf file so you don’t have to open up new sections every time. It was just something I thought would be useful.


That is awesome, thanks.


Worked fine for me.

:slight_smile: sweet! any chance you wanna keep this bad boy updated as they make new updates to the individual file? :wink: pretty please?

Awesome… I was planning on doing that at some point, but this is great. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! Awesome!

Hope there will be updates! :wink:

Wow! Thanks, dude. That is really helpful to old geezers like me that prefer to work from paper vs a screen. It’s a LOT easier to print this way. Thanks for sharing.

Ya, I’ll try to keep it as updated as possible. e-mail or PM me if there needs any updating I haven’t done yet.