2005 FIRST International Partners

FIPs Partners for 2005

Team 75 Robo Raiders (NJ) and Team 1382 Tribotecteam (Brazil)

Team 294 Beach City Robotics (CA) and (to be determined, one is in progress)

Team 237 WHS Robot Team (CT) and Team 1156 Under Control (Brazil)

Team 233 Roccobot (FL) and Team 759 Hills Road (England)

Team 364 Team Fusion (TX) and Team 1603 Team Liberato (Brazil)

Team 148 RobotWranglers (TX) and Team 1628 (Brazil)

Team 441 Reagan Robotics (TX) and Team 1621 (Brazil)

Team 234 Cyber Blue (IN) and Team 383 The Brazilian Machine (Brazil)

To quote on of our students, “with FIPS, you have a friend in FIRST”.
That really describes the intent of this program. We hope to build international fiendships that extend beyond the FIRST experience.

Good Luck to ALL Teams!

Wow, this sounds like a fabulous project!

Mr. Fultz, do you think you can give more information on how it was founded, how it works, and how these partnerships are organized? With all the new international teams popping up, it looks like a great way to reach out and spread messages.


  • Genia

Great program! The CircuitRunners are working on something similar but it is geared toward our contacts in the Caribbean. Look forward to seeing a Jamaican team next year and possibly a Bermudian and/or Bahamian team in the near future. :slight_smile:

Can you provide me with some more details on FIP?

Genia - you beat me to it!!


Just to let you know, the link posted as the description for FIRST Internationl Partners (http://cyberblue234.com/fips.htm) is broken; is there a new webpage somewhere else? :slight_smile:

I’ll get on my kids to get that page up. Must be missing from the new website. Thanks, Katie.

Its a great project, we started with 233 last year and have carried on an international relationship with them.
Thanks Cyber Blue!

We are excited that the program has grown and there are more interested US based teams than we can find partners for.

Instead of putting a long post here, I will work with a few of our students and get a short white paper on the program - how we started, what we do, etc. and get it posted here and on Cyber Blue’s web site.

First of all, I´d like to thank Mr. Fultz and Team 234 - Cyber Blue for creating and coordinatng all FIPS efforts.

Please, I need some help, at all possible, with lodging at Houston. I have quotes between U$60 and U$75 for a double room, taxes included. We have a small budget, so I´m searching for more options like YMCA and motels. I already contacted YMCA but I need someone who has contacts, or is able to call them and check if they are available.

As most of you know, I´ll be with the group at Houston, so if you need any help I´m at your disposal.

If you wish to stabilish phone contact please send the number to [email protected] . MSN: [email protected] , my phone number is 55 51 84033800 (55=country code, 51=region code)

Thank you.

To download a brief white paper on FIPs - how it started, how it works, future plans, etc - click here

Team 237 had a blast being paired with Team 1156 at the NJ Regional. We throughly enjoyed the time we spent with them. Yes, we took them to Hooters because that is a 237 tradition.
Team 1156 drove 3 hours to visit our school in Watertown on Sunday. It was a great visit. Thanks to Chris and Team 234 for starting this.


Thanks team 237 for everything you’ve done, and hooters was very cool xD
We enjoyed very much the visit to your school
I hope to see you guys at the championship

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful time we had, i liked very much visiting your school. I hope you can come visit our school and participate of a Regional here in Brasil.Hope to see you at the Championship!!

It was great to see our partners from team 383 in Chicago. And were they awesome or what!

Great making it to the finals, and the Autodesk on top of that.

Hope you are either haveing a great time visiting the USA, or are having a safe trip back home.


It was great seeing you, once again! Too bad you didn’t bring the whole team, maybe next year! :wink:
I consider our partnership this year another great success, and I hope it keeps getting better and our teams get more related as time comes. We should’ve have arranged a night out with both teams last year, we wanted to do it this year but didn’t attend the same regionals as you guys. Hopefully we 'll be able to do something next year.
I ask every American team with an International Partner (especially the ones with Brazilian partners) to take a look at that and consider attending this great event that will be held next month. Unfortunately, and we realize that, it’s a bit late, but since we all already have a stronger bond with those teams because of the FIP’s, we hope we can work something out and have at least one American partner in our hometown! It would be really awesome for American teams to meet their International Partners in Brazil… We always have to go to you guys, now what’s that for a change? Ha? :smiley:

you might want to see if 1542 want a partner. No one i know has managed to contact them, and i’ll keep you updated, as i managed to find a possible contact last night.
Next year, if we have our european regional (Go Unapiedra / Christoph) then we would have a better chance at going to atlanta funds wise :slight_smile:

Great project.

Alan West and Richard Palfrey from 1542 know all they need to do is ask, and we will pair them up with a team coming to the Chesapeake.
Team 1542 already made a lot of friends here.

For 2005, NASA paired these teams:
1577 with 007
1574 with 116
1573 with 118
1582 with 122
1581 with 233
1580 with 254
1575 with 330
1576 with 364
1579 with 399
1578 with 1028
with alternate mentors, 456, 462, 807.
I am only familiar with the 1577-007 connection (they will finally all get to meet each other tomorrow!) and don’t know the plan for next year.

sounds like you know 1542… any chance you have any contact details? pm me :wink:

this is a really cool project…i hope each team helps one another…it’s great to learn from other teams… good things always seem to happen…hopefully the growth of teams outside of the u.s.a will increase the next couple of years…it’s so exicting to work not only with student in the same country but the world


I’d link to thank all teams involved in FIPS! My special thanks goes to Mr. Chris Fultz, Mr. David Fava and Mr. Carl Nordstrom.

I heard great compliments from FIRST Regional Directors, crew and volunteers about your work with FIPS. FIRST is very happy and excited with all this.

FIRST is not only about building robots and competing, it’s about binding people together. Congratulations for your great work with international teams! All of us had a good time with you.

To all partners: please consider attending our off-season event in Brazil. I know that the date is close, but It’ll be a pleasure to have you with us. Visit http://www.brfirst.org/globaltech for more information.

We would love to except the whole problem of being in england miles away and with no money :mad:
And thy guy above me is totally right… Go Fip!
Can we have more than one international partner?