2005 Florida reigonal

i was just looking thru the team list check out the last team on this list http://www.usfirst.org/frc/map/FMPro?-db=team%20events.fp5&-lay=web&-format=team_list.htm&event=FL&event%20year=2005&status=registered&-sortfield=team%20id&-max=all&-find

and i noticed that 168, and 147 aren’t on it.

are they not competing or did they just not get in to the regional?

is it me… or 234 (cyber blue) is really coming to florida? weeeeeeeeeeeee… :slight_smile:

According to this list, they haven’t registered for the upcoming season yet…

I am very much hoping I can have a team started in time to make it on that list.

it isn’t that shocking to see some teams go…the statistics on Florida teams are much more freightening than one would like to believe…statistically we were only supposed to have a net loss of 4 teams this year…unfortunately the hurricanes may have affected the teams more adversely than I originally thought…

Florida teams registered Only 27…hopefully that will come up a bunch

With the Florida Regional full - here’s some things I take away:

  1. Only 35 slots versus 41 in attendance last year.

  2. 24 teams returning, 11 new teams, 17 not returning

  3. The entire 2004 Florida Regional Finalist Alliance (233, 311, 1144) not returning

  4. The entire 2004 Florida Regional Champions Alliance (61, 386, 945) is returning to defend their title (Thanks for making the long haul Mike Norton)

  5. 342/343 coming again (woohoo! Missed you guys last year) plus Cutting Edge returning - South Carolina well represented

  6. 10 teams from out of state, including California and Montana! Cool!

Looks like a great event

Yes we are, can’t wait to see the competition down there. :]

what i have heard from a friend is that 311 aka Red Jammers-- do not have a team this year :frowning:

but i can’t wait till next spring to see everyone again

and i do hope barry u can get a team up and running–that would be very cool!!

enjoy ya’ll

Well, since starting a new job this past summer as a lighting programmer for the Univision television network, I no longer have the time to continue working with team 168 (in fact, this is the first time I’ve been on CD in a few months, I’m sitting in the control room waiting to start taping), and as such, no one that I know of has picked up the slack, and I do not know what the status of the team is this year.

  1. The entire 2004 Florida Regional Finalist Alliance (233, 311, 1144) not returning

So what happened to these guys? The first time I saw this post, 233 was on the list, now they’re gone? And 311??? I always look forward to seeing what 233 creates, they’ve got to be one of - if not the best fabrication/design teams out there. Not to mention best spirit every year. Probably best strategy and drive team. Then they have like 7 lego teams and on and on… :ahh: :confused:

I wish our team could come to florida, but i think its a bit far for us to go… Being in Michigan and all. Hope that in future years we can have the means to go to such good regionals

Wow there are like what 2 rookies at UCF this year, man this is gonna be an intense competion

The more rookies the better, they always think of the things that we dont

Take 1241 for example, from canada.

I havent seen team 86 on there… are they returning?

I would hate to see Florida regional lose a great alliance…

YAY! 1523 the rookie team that we helped Spawn

Tech Tigers will be there! Yea 233 is goin to Colorado since it is sponsored by NASA, the rest of that allience i dunno. Regardless it should be a great regional cuase those so much competiton. By the way good luck to 1523 the new rookie team started by Children of the Swamp. Good luck too all the teams. Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Andrew Disbury
Techonlogy for the 21st century
Watch out for a Tiger near you! :ahh:

It looks like somebody finally caught on. We plan on taking the same risk we did last year. If anybody recalled, Team #233 signed up for our first regional at New York. Then for our second regional we signed up for UCF (even though we attended UCF before going to NY).

This year we plan on going to Colorado; we wanted to go last year, but decided not to for some odd reason. And we hope that we will make it to the UCF regional as our second regional.

Also keep in mind that Team #311, the Red Jammers, are from New Jersey, and Team #1144, Coquitron, are from Puerto Rico. So as you can see, it may be difficult for them to come back, but you never know! :slight_smile:

I cannot wait for the UCF Regional this year. I also think a lot of other teams are going to notice us more this year than last year. Thanks for the kind comments as well, and hope to see you guys there!

Notice you MORE? What did you do, somehow get a traveling circus to sponsor you and will be attending all your regionals? Besides that, I really dont see how you could get noticed more.

how can anyone Not Notice An entierly Pink Team?

Wow, I need to work on my pronouns. When I meant by us, I meant all the teams competing at the Florida Regional (people will notice the regional as a whole), not Team 233. I am really sorry if my statement sounded arrogant; it was not what I was going for. My apologizes. :o