2005 FRC Team Update 01

The 2005 FRC Team Update 01 is now available on the Team Updates page or directly at Team Update 1.

This is just a friendly reminder also to expect Team Updates to be released on Tuesdays by 5pm and Fridays by 10am and also when needed immediately. For faster answers to direct questions you may have on rules please use the FIRST Q&A System.

YAY! First one to comment… Did anybody else notice that the site was down this morning? oh well… We thought we were missing parts… just as many of the rest of the awesome teams out there! I can’t beleive that the camera code is still being tested… shouldn’t this atleast have a beta version out by now?

Edit: Horah for Upstate!

They have updated the rule <R02> to say that yu may only use one Clippard tank, but then they go on to say you may buy another one for the small cost of shipping and handling. Which is it, one, or two? I’m leaning toward one but I wish they would give us answers that leave no doubt in my mind.

Also… they say parts will be sold through Innovation FIRST sometime next week. Does this mean more motors? It is in the section where it fixes motor quantities of the KIT.

Rule <R02> bullt point 2 of section 5.3.1 with update, does not say “you may use only one tank” it says: “Compressed air stored in the pnuematic system, but only supplied by the compressor included in the kit, and stored at a maximum pressure of 120 PSI only in the one Clippard Tank provided in the kit.”

Then they correct the Kit of Parts quantities stating that there should only be 1 Clippard Tank not 2, but that you can get another one from Inovasion First for the cost of shipping and handling.

I read the rule correction as you may only use the comprssor and tank that came with the kit in terms on product type, but if you want another tank to use you can get it from Inovasion First.

Honestly your team should ask for clarification on the Q&A website. Just as what is that maximum number of Clippard tanks that can be used on you machine.

Right, but want it for what? A table centerpiece, a desk paperweight, a soft drink container, or to store more air in on the robot than you would with just one tank? You can buy more robot controllers but you can’t use them to control your robot. See what I mean. So is the sale of air tanks happening for spares/practice parts or for extra competition parts to be used simulatneously with the one provided in the kit?

wow the weight problem only gets much worse now that you can’t rely much on pnuematics to easily mechanize things…oh well

too bad for rookies i guess lol

Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s a mistake in the count of tetras in “the arena” section of the update.

They have 18 per HP loading station.
They have 16 per Auto loading station
2 vision tetras per team
they say 1 tetra on a robot to start the match.

This equals 39… Except that one robot per alliance “could” choose to start with a tetra… right? So, that adds one… And then I’m assuming the hanging tetras are counted into the loading station count instead of separately.
The original manual stated 40 tetras per side, and I wouldn’t think that to change. Maybe just an oversight…

Your incorrect the update reads as follows:

  1. The human player mat areas will have approximately 3 stacks of 6 tetras each = 18
  2. The loading platforms will have approximately 2 stacks of 8 tetras each = 16
  3. One robot starts with a tetra = 1
  4. 2 vision tetras on each side = 2
  5. 2 tetras in each corner goal = 2

therefore the one robot per alliance could choose to start with a tetra is covered by #3 and assuming the hanging tetras are counted into the loading station is covered by #5 so the total number per team is 39.

hope this cleared it up

FIRST was incorrect also they forgot the two on the manual loading stations therefor the total is 41 per team see Q&A #980 or Team update 2

The second tank is available from Innovation FIRST for a small shipping charge. The pneumatic solution is still just as great

We know it is available but do we get to use it WITH the one provided?

you can use the second one in your robot as well. thats what Jay was trying to say. they just have to be the same types as the one given to you in your kit. you can buy another one from innovation and use it because it is the same type as the one given to you. so basically you cant go and buy from someone else, you have to use the first product. or at least thats what i thought that Jay was trying to say.

Would you care to cite a source, or at least some reasoning on this? No offense but I am not going to design a mechanism around something someone with 4 posts on these boards told me. If I follow your logic of it “being the same” then say we have 6 of the same ones in our posession and we put those on the robot. Would be legal? I doubt it.

Can anyone give us a definite answer with a source of whether it is one or two allowed onboard? Thanks.

It has been answered officially (five times) on the FIRST FRC Question & Answer System… see questions ID#1109, 1111, 1088, 1093, and 1024.

Merle Yoder
Team Paragon #571
Windsor, CT

EXACTLY what I meant thank you

and if you read my post you will see I said…

“Honestly your team should ask for clarification on the Q&A website. Just as what is that maximum number of Clippard tanks that can be used on you machine.”

I just don’t know why people can’t read an entire post, update, email, etc… please take your time, if need be read them twice.

I will never tell anyone anything is a fact unless I can point them to the source.

thank you.

Ahhh… right… brain flop on my part…I don’t know what the heck I was thinking…half way thru my math, I started thinking “total” (both alliances) tetra quantity…
41 is an odd number to have, but it just works out that way…

My team emailed innovation first about the air tank even if we could not use it on the robot it is still another air tank for just shipping and handling. We got a reply from them and they said they do not carry that part and we should email FIRST about what to do so I do not know why they posted that in the update because the IFI people sure do not know.