2005 game description?

Did anyone else see this just now?


no, but how bout you e-mail me the pdf and i will give you my opinion.

Nope, because it doesn’t exist :slight_smile:

nevermind - forget I said anything


Somebody saw something that they shouldn’t have. Now he won’t share it as his life is probably in danger. :eek:

…or maybe dave has gotten a hold of “someone’s” CD account and is throwing out another cryptic “hint”. a game involving elements from the last five years, possibly?

I think it’s just that “Gary” likes to start “rumors” in the weeks before kickoff. =-]

::shakes head:: I’m just mad I fell for it…

Oh anyone can disguise a link like that. Maybe it was just something to get us excited about this year’s game. Believe me, I tried barking up that tree with Dean Kamen a couple weeks ago. Him, Woody, and the President of FIRST will not divuldge any information at this time…what a surprise! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not disguised. It goes exactly where it says, it just doesn’t go anywhere in particular.

But why is the name of the window “300 Multiple Choices” … maybe it is a hint … maybe this game will be a multiple choice test for the robot … 60 questions … 5 possible answers per question … most correct out of 30 wins …


“300 Multiple Choices” is apparently just a standard web error code, much like “404 Not Found” etc.

Looks like I have to go over someone’s house this weekend and take over if he doesnt tell me the game. I am a regular (i think) member on the SPAM forum. and right now when i was looking through, I found this. :ahh:

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