2005 GTR Video Recap

Hi all…I’ve just recently come across a friend with a server and now I have the ability to host videos.

First off I’d like to thank InterVenom for letting me use their music. Check them out at http://www.intervenom.com . You guys rock, thanks for the tunes.

Secondly I’d like to thank Cal for hosting this video. You can see his site at http://www.parkerconnection.com/

Thirdly I’d like to thank everyone who attended GTR

Here it is, hope you enjoy Niagara FIRST’s GTR Video

This video was shot and edited by Kyle Greer and is copyrighted to CDM Productions. If anybody wants more info on the video feel free to PM me or drop me an email here

Kyle did a great job with this video. It really captures the excitement and drama of a FIRST event.

The video starts with general footage of teams 1114 & 1503, then focuses on Final Match 2 between 1114, 1305, 1511 (Red) & 48, 1503, 84 (Blue). Going into the finals the red alliance seemed to have too much offensive fire power. Team 48 led an impressive defensive strategy which curtailed the scoring of 1114 and 1305.

This was one of the most exciting FIRST matches I’ve ever seen, with Red pulling it out with a last second cap by 1114. The final score was 32-31 in favour of the red alliance. I still remember the nervousness in all the competitors as they waited for that final score to come up. Again, this video does a really great job of capturing the emotions of those final minutes.

It was definitely a great event. One I won’t forget anytime soon.

That is :ahh: amazing :ahh: ! How long did it take you to make it?

lol thanks well I used about 4 tapes (eachone is 1 hour), so to capture it was about 4 hours and about 10 hours of editing, over about 3 days.

I have always loved this video. What an amazing day that was!

I especially love the shot of Coach Behrouz holding back Chris V by the shirt during autonomous mode…and of course the last second cap.

Kyle, what can I say? You have a great talent!

I look forward to seeing what you put together for us this year.

Thanks Derek, Yah I’ve got a few ideas floating around. I can’t wait to see what I make this year aswell! lol.

Our team may be coming to this regional this coming season, in place of the Midwest Regional, in which we were avid participants of. This coming year may be our first year for participating in this regional (well, my first year, I think my team participated in the GTR before).

I have to say, this video has definitely increased my enthusiasm for coming to this regional! It has captured my attention that this may be one of the more challenging, more exciting of the many regionals taking place around the world. Also, the editing done in this video is very professionally done, it truly captures the spirit and the excitement of this incredible event!

You did an amazing job and a great deal of hard work, and I will definitely be looking forward to this coming Greater Toronto Regional! I can’t wait!!!

EDIT: That final match between the red and the blue alliances was one of the closest matches I have ever seen! You recorded the perfect match that captures the emotions of an incredible FIRST event. You are a very amazing video editor and artist!

I second all of that. Great job! I really liked all the new camera angles of your footage of the finals.

Hmm, so 65 may be joining us in Toronto this year? I wonder what other American teams may be considering a trek to Canada??? :wink:

Wow, that is incredible. Did you videotape that too? Both you and the videotaper deserve cookies, lots of them. My favorite video of the year!

Team 4 from California.

Hmm, I may be expecting an ELITE team from Ohio to make the trek across the border also :rolleyes: .

Yes I did tape that as well as edit. It’ll be cool to see a few more American teams join us at GTR. Can’t wait!

Well, that goes without saying, really. :stuck_out_tongue: I was referring to other American teams who may be interested in attending Canadian regionals.

But yeah, back to Kyle’s tape. That sure was neat! I swear one of the cameras was right next to 1114’s drive team during the finals - I could see one of the near goals right next to where the cameraman was standing. It’s great they were so fixated on their driving that they didn’t even notice you standing there. Were you really that close?

I was standing by the corner goal. I actually shoot for TVCogeco 10 out of Niagara, and I go to Simcoe so I actually shoot for TVCogeco for a segment called “The Source”.

awesome video. i must say that the video is very well done. i have never actually seen team 1503 in action. i heard about it, but never saw it. what a great robot. i wish i saw it in competition.

Come to the GTR Super Regional next year. I know they will be there.

Yes I too am sure they will be there, along with 1114 for sure!

If I’m not mistaken it will be another 2 field regional at the GTR, just like in 2004 with the game FIRST Frenzy.

And Kyle, amazing job on the video. i always get excited every time i see it. Its just keeps pumping me up!

Yes 1503 will be there. We had a discussion on it a few weeks ago and decided to go back there seeing it was one of our best regionals that year. I can still remember Behrouz holding my shirt making sure I didn’t cross that line during the final. I just had so much energy and was excited about being in the final as a not only first year driver but with a rookie team.

The video is great everone on 1503 will have a copy soon.

cool… i remember him holding the back of your shirts…i think i wase pacing back and fort goning plz dont damage the robot to bad pllllleeeeezzzzz… lol and then the wacker fell off…lol