2005 IRI Music List

OK, OK, we get it. Some reasonable number of teams are going to show up somewhere in Indiana at some time during the summer, bringing along some number of robots, and they are all going to get together and do something. Some fun will be had by all.

But what we REALLY need to know is: when is someone going to start the critical “2005 IRI Music List” thread!!!

-dave [starting to rifle through old Jimi Hendrix LP’s, searching for the right tunes to make Andy Baker happy]

It depends all on who is doing music for IRI this year. I’ll offer up all my music that I had from last year’s event to whoever is doing it… because it sure isn’t me :]

C’mon you did an awesome job last year!

Hmm, I think I wil have to second Dave on this one. Can we have an all-Hendrix (and Zeppelin) IRI?

You can’t have all Hendrix. You need to mix in some greats like The Who, The Beatles and all the music from the competitions. OK you don’t need to have the music from the competitions.

How much can Dave be trusted?

Here kids, a great “old school” song…Eastbound and down by Jerry Reed. Can’t fight a great like that.

I’d prefer “Convoy” by C.W. McCall :smiley: but East Bound and Down is good too.

How about some KISS and Twisted Sister.

I’ve been asked by a couple of people to do the music for IRI again this year. I helped David the first year it came to Indy and did it the year after that, I just submitted a registration form today, so we’ll see.

I nominate Clark Gilbert and Dave Lavery to be our IRI DJ’s. Who’s with me on this one?

Andy B.

Ill second that. :slight_smile:


I’ll third it. :slight_smile:

There is a motion on the floor for a Mr. Dave Lavery and a Mr. Clark Gilbert to be Djs. All in favor say “Aye!!!”


(in the making of this post I achieved BeachBot number of posts!)

Thanks for the credit, but I don’t think it’s the job for me.

This sounds like a very dangerous slope indeed. Who knows what kind of music men like Dave listen to in their free time?

For all we know, he’s got an iPod filled of audio that the two rovers have secretly recorded on Mars. :wink:

Dave has too much music for iPod he has like a weeks worth. I must say that he did at one point threaten to put on the Carpenters if we didn’t change the music. Even still I agree with the nominations (only because it’s not just Dave)

I don’t have that on my iPod, mostly becuase I don’t have an iPod. But I did secretly sneak a special cut onto Sean’s iPod when he wasn’t looking, just to see his reaction when his tunes suddenly went from “Iron Man”/Black Sabbath and “Thin Line Between Love and Hate”/Iron Maiden to “Mmmmbop” by Hansen. (sometimes dads can be so mean! :smiley: )

In the mean time, I hear a rendition of “Fly By Night” by Rush calling me (and if a certain lead singer for DS&TKB can ever hit the same notes that Geddy Lee could do, I will be REALLY impressed!).


I’m going to (finally) be bringing the FIRST Music Playlist 2004 CDs with me. That’s about…200 songs or something. It’s been a LITTLE bit updated with the 2005 season.

Here’s the Excel file, if you want to know all the music titles: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=3364

I guess if I’m going to be doing music for IRI I’ll be posting .html playlist files sometime by the weekend and everyone can look over them and suggest stuff to add.

If you weren’t around when this thread was created back in 2003, you may want to read it for a refresher (although it doesn’t have very useful info in it). Maybe if I can catch David online sometime I’ll see if he can add these .html playlists on the indianfirst.org website for people to look at.

From the Planning Committee:

Anything from the following playlist is acceptable, anything else is considered rubbish -

Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stones
Beatles (but only when they were a group - no solo junk)
Peter Frampton
KISS (anything before 1984)
Van Halen
Elton John
Boz Scaggs
Bruce Springsteen
The Knack
Van Morrison
The Doors
The Cars
and, Cindi Lauper

If you have trouble finding these, let me know and I can loan you my albums
(just don’t scratch them!)