2005 Kickoff File Mirror

Everyone knows that FIRST’s server is very bogged down on the day of kickoff. To eliminate some of that, I’ve set up a mirror for all of the unencrypted manuals posted on their site. We will also have a high quality video of the kickoff captured from a nasa tv satelite broadcast. (gotta get daves response first) All of this is being served off a fast connection.

heres the link

Please, help FIRST out and use this mirror, or set up your own.

We’ve got it up here, too. It’s one zip with all 10 (encrypted included) sections.

Is Sevaa.com prepared for the spike in traffic?

I’ve contacted them about this.

Once I get the unencrypted ones on saturday I’ll put them up at http://www.csupomona.edu/~dwblack/2005manual/

Or just for kicks I can put them on my Macintosh SE web server and maybe two people could each download one file at a time. :smiley:

If it wasn’t so much work to do, I would put them on my Mac SE server just to see if it can hande the load. The reason it is a bit or work is that is does not support directory listings so I would have to make an HTML page with all the links.

If you have downloaded the manuals, I suggest reading section 7. That is all I want to say.

Perhaps you should say something about that here:

Read another one of the posts about the webcasts and such and Dave has already ok’d it to be served off other locations.


Hopefully by sunday midday I will have my video up, downloadable with multiple formats.

Here is another set of mirror links…

http://theduchy.ualr.edu/first/2005/Section_0-Introduction.pdf (encrypted)
http://theduchy.ualr.edu/first/2005/Section_3-The_Arena.pdf (encrypted)
http://theduchy.ualr.edu/first/2005/Section_4-The_Game.pdf (encrypted)
http://theduchy.ualr.edu/first/2005/Section_5-The_Robot.pdf (encrypted)
http://theduchy.ualr.edu/first/2005/Section_8-The_Tournament.pdf (encrypted)

(Note that if you wish to get yourself a binder and/or tabs, there are a total of eleven sections in this year’s manual)
and there seems to only be 10 files…

And all of the files still say 2004 at the bottom… Oops…

Here too…


I’ve mirrored everything at http://endeavour.zapto.org/2005comp/. You can download all the files here:



Anyone have any luck getting any of these files? I can’t download them!

2005 FIRST Robotics Competition Game Team Field Elements Overview READ THIS FIRST (pdf - 13 KB)

2005 FIRST Robotics Competition Game Team Field Elements Materials List (pdf - 8 KB)

2005 FIRST Robotics Competition Game Team Field Elements Target Paint Colors

Those last three files don’t seem to be up yet. I’ve been trying for quite some time.

If anyone gets a hold of them anytime soon…let me know… :rolleyes:

Sorry guys I wont be able to update my mirror site today, Im swamped.

Please use the mirrors below until I can update later tonite.




Hi all, I am new here (but I have been lurking for some time). Anyway, you guys wanted some mirrors, so heres mine. I have pretty substantial bandwith and good hosting so I don’t think that these will be going down. The files are unfortionately the encrypted versions though, and I haven’t had time to get the new ones yet (or the “Other important documents” or “Drawings” - The official file site has been inaccesable all day for me). The password for the encryption is listed on the site.


Thanks, and good luck to all of you,
Tim Arnold
(M.A.R.S. - Team 1523)

I should be shareing the PDF files on our team’s website shortly. I should have them up by Monday-Friday!

Good Luck Teams

Hmmmm… after taking a look behind the html and the directories the rest of the files used it seems FIRST made a little typo:

Here are the correct links to those files with broken links:



Ive emailed FIRST about it…